Happy Daddy’s Day

Today’s post is to celebrate Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day, Mr 29.

I totally got lucky when Mr 29 asked me to marry him, and again when we decided to have babies.


I officially fell in love with Mr 29 nearly sixteen years ago.


I fell in love with him again for unromantic reason {changing nappies and such things!} just under four years later following the arrival of Thing 1.


It’s strange how much more you can love a man just by watching him take care of his baby.  He was so gentle with them both when they were tiny little things, and introduced them to rough and tumble, motor bikes and lots of fun times.


Watching him with our children has been amazing.  He is so calm, never panics, always sees reason to a situation and he always has an answer.  He never hesitates to play with them.  Most of the time,  I feel he is the better parent out of the two of us.


Despite his constant sarcastic manner {I am serious you have NEVER met anyone like it!}, he treats me with such respect and this imparts on the boys.  I want them to love their future partners as much as their Dad loves me.

The Things and I love you, Mr 29.  Happy Father’s Day.


Pictures via Pinterest


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