I Want, Need and Would Like…

I want everything. Mr 29 says that I want so much that I forget what I want. And this is true. I quite often have a conversion with someone who will mention the one thing I’ve seen and forgotten about and I say “I want that too”.

Our kitchen is still getting decorated. I make that sound like it’s an easy job. It’s not anywhere near getting decorated. We have had walls knocked down, walls put up and 3 rooms are becoming 1 room. But back to ‘decorating’, as I am so over the building work, these are the finishing touches that I WANT.


I am partial to a trifle. In fact I LOVE trifle. I also love all things Emma Bridgewater and would like this Trifle glassware bowl very much. Please.


Every kitchen should have a kitchen aid- I have a very cheap version at present, but will make cakes everyday if I get a pink one- and not just on birthdays! I WANT this. Now.


Can you believe that we have been a family of 4 for nearly 9 years and we have NEVER had a 4 slice toaster? Totally want need this pink Dualit one. Like yesterday!

20130609-130211.jpgI am huge fan of Susie Watson, and WANT lots of her prettiness in my new kitchen.


I really, really like these tiles. I think they’ll make a great feature above the range. Mr 29 prefers the pudding version, and I like the wines. Obviously. However, since the wine list doesn’t have my trusty side kick, Sauvignon Blanc, we may go for the puddings.

Well, that’s enough dreaming for today.  I need to go back to plastered walls and make shift work surfaces.



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