Magic Moments

I collected Thing 2 from school, just before the half term, where he spied a circus poster, advertising the arrival of a circus, a few villages away.

“Mum,” he asked “Have you ever been to a circus?”

“Yes,” I replied, remembering 30 years before, when my Ma and Auntie took my sister, cousin and me to the circus in Fulham. I wore a red coat with a white hand muff- totally irrelevent, but part of the memory non the less. I told Thing 2 about the Lion tamer, elephants, air dancers and candy floss.

“Can we go to the circus?” He asked. I obviously had to explain, that nowadays, there were no elephants or lions at the circus. He stll wanted to go. When I spoke to to Mr 29 about our plans, he told me he had never been to a circus either! That was it, I decided we all had to go.

And so we did, just this Saturday. The Things ate pop corn, candy floss and chocolate.

We watched the ringmaster and his side kick clown, Guys and Girls jumping through the air and landing on each others shoulders, air ballet, and contortionists. Wow!


I have the most amazing photo of Thing 2, sat ringside, mouth open eyes as big as dustbin lids, watching the acts.  And I know, he has his circus memory too.


I am linking this magic moment to The Olivers Madhouse– please check out other magic moments as well.



6 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. There’s something about a circus that really scares me. I’m actually dreading the day that CK asks to go. I’ll be sending him with his papa and having a few quiet moments at home, I think.

  2. I’ve actually never been to a circus… I hate clowns, and can’t bring myself to go into a big top! Hubby has taken our oldest, but at some point I’m sure we’ll have a family outing! How wonderful that you have such a memory of your trip as a child and now your son does too xx

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