Magic Moments

It’s Monday and a fabulously sunny Bank Holiday one at that. Again, I’m linking my magic moment to Jaime’s blog The Oliver’s Madhouse

Yesterday was a very magical moment for my non-immediate family. I attended my first ever gay wedding. It really was a wonderful day. Fortunately there wasn’t any cynics in attendance, but had they been there, all they would have seen was 2 people who love each other, committing to spend the rest of their lives together.

I have recently blogged about my view on ‘gay marriage’ here- “I don’t care”.


Both brides wore white. There was a cake. There was a first dance.


Stamford and Mr 29 had a very important role, as they chauffeured Bride 1 {her term}, to the ceremony. Bride 2 arrived in a volkswagon beetle.


The sun was shining, reflecting off the river Thames and making it sparkle.  We were all honoured to be there,  to celebrate with two women and to share their magic moment.   But LOOK….. We were supplied with flip flops so as we could dance the night away. What a great idea!





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