My Life List

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m partial to a list. I think most of this stuff is ‘do-able’ and I should be able to achieve it. I’m not putting a time scale to this- just hoping and crossing fingers that I will stick to it!

Don’t  get me wrong, I’ve achieved great things already and stuff I have achieved, may appear on other’s life list.  For example:

New York shopping trip- Check

Living in another country- Check

Christian Louboutin shoes- Check

Disney World, Florida- Check


This is my list

*Purchase a new camera, and remember to take it out with me (I have always relied on others)

*Take a photo a day for a whole year

*Print my favourite {out of a million} stored photos off the PC

* Go to Paris with Mr 29 and The Things

* Dry slope ski-ing (and then I will review the possibility of ‘real’ ski-ing)

*New Kitchen to be completed

*New decking area by back doors

*To start running {Yep.  On streets. In public}


*To lose weight {I have reached my mid thirties, and have to monitor everything I eat now}

*Grow my own vegetables(Successfully)

*stop biting/chewing/nibbling my finger nails

*stop ‘twiddling’ my hair

*Learn a language {school girl French got me so far, but now I’m thinking Spanish}

*Wear more dresses

*Decorate cupcakes

*Use my bike more, so I can justify…..

*purhasing a new bike.  With a basket on the front, like the ones I’ve seen in Amsterdam

*Go back to Amsterdam- we used to go regularly, I never tire of this city.

*hang a real painting {at least 1} in the living room {not a print}

*Holiday in USA’s west coast

*To be more spontaneous {I am breaking out in a sweat thinking about this}

*To use Stamford {our camper van more- Mr 29 stores him in the garage ALL winter}


*To get my eyes lasered {I am so over glasses and contact lenses}

*Possibly a 4th tattoo

*Go to a circus

*Start to drink fruit teas- I am addicted to morning breakfast tea

That’s it for now, I will be updating and adding to this list in the future.

What do you have on your list?



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