I don’t care

That title sounds quite harsh. Perhaps I should say “I don’t get it” because I DO care.

Yes. That’s it. I don’t understand other people’s opinions at times (which is most of the time really!).

You see, this week in the UK there has been much discussion and debate about Gay marriage. Really, what is the big deal?

I grew up in eighties Chelsea. My parents had ‘gay’ friends. Their friends came to our house. During this time, my parents would have to defend their decision (sometimes heated discussions were had) as to why they would invite their ‘gay’ friends around to our house. Put simply, you were welcome to my parent’s house if you were a friend.

My parents view on gay relationships proved to have a positive effect on my sister and I growing up.  Childhood friends we went to school with, grew up and ‘came out’. As an adult I have formed friendships with men and women, who are in same sex relationships.

You see, I don’t care.

I don’t care if you’re a girl who loves girls, or a boy or loves boys, or whether you simply love both.

I don’t care what colour your skin is. Or what religion you practice.

I don’t care.

(Although, secretly, I would like a friend with 2 heads, covered in green spots who practices the Jedi Knight religion- just saying!)

I care that you’re a good friend to me and my family.

I care that everybody has the right to love, to be in a comitted relationship, to face life’s struggle with someone they love. I mean, its hard and lonely if you have to do it alone, right?

I care that my sons may be influenced by negative views in society on same sex relationships- I hope this never happens. I have always been open about the term gay and our family and friends who are. They understand. They know.

They know that this weekend, we are so excited to be going to my God Father’s step daughter’s wedding.


And this weekend, I care because Katie is marrying* Sarah. And they love each other.


*Civil Patnership as they {points to Westminster} can’t decide if it’s eithical/ right/ appropriate for 2 people of the same sex- who love each other- to get married.


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