The Big Reunion

I’d like to write about ‘The Big Reunion Tour’ and how amazing it was. Especially Blue. And 5ive. And 911. And Liberty X. And B*witched. And Atomic Kitten. And The Honeyz.

These bands formed from 1996-2000. The show was brilliant, and it’s surprising how many songs from 17 years ago, I knew word for word.

Yes. You read that right- from 17 years ago. Oh Em Gee. When did that happen? I remember jumping around to ‘C’est la vie’ and ‘Getting down’ to 5ive with my flat mate.

So what has changed in 17 years?

I have learnt that I cannot have a Tuesday night in London, drink wine, have fun AND expect to get up for work on 4 hours sleep. With a hangover {from hell, I must add}. Long gone are the days when I could do that. I don’t know how I ever did.

I have learnt that if I ever do have a big midweek night out again, I can organise the children, get showered, get dressed and be out the door in an hour.

I have learnt that jeans and a warm jacket are perfectly acceptable to wear on a night out. As are flat shoes, with optional heels in an oversized handbag. Who needs a little top and heels for a good night, anyway?!

I have learnt that venturing out too far from home means a journey home. Thirty minutes on a train is too long. I want a cup of tea and my bed ASAP.


What have you learnt over the years?!



6 thoughts on “The Big Reunion

  1. I was here on Tuesday too! Wasn’t it brilliant?! I am pregnant with my first baby at the moment so laid off the wine and enjoyed some chocolate instead! Xx

  2. OMG has it been 17years??? I have learnt that life is easier if I get up early and do things rather than lazing about til 2pm. And I can no longer survive on a diet of dairy milk and diet coke.

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