They just are…

I’m at a stage with my children that when I venture out for a mid week evening catch up with friends, I don’t feel the need to talk about them. However, my friend’s daughter passed on a ‘Hello’ to Thing 2 {she was in his year 1 class when she did her teacher training}, which started the conversation about him. Beginning with his recent Parent’s Evening {coincidently this happened at 2 in the afternoon and is now relabelled a ‘Family Consultation’!}, where his Year 4 teacher proceeded to inform me that he is slow. “As in physically. Not mentally” she corrected herself “he’s actually very clever”.

I informed my friend, that it transpires that when he gets called up to the front of the class, he insists on taking the awkward route and has to climb over chairs and pupils. He can never decide which pencil to use. When he’s asked to go the library/music room/school office, he takes the long way round.

“Who says that kids have to be pigeon holed?” She said, stretching on the pub sofa, white wine spritzer in hand. “They can’t be. Everyone’s an individual. You are what you are.”

And she’s right. It’s true.

Both our boys are completely different. Their personalities are at opposite poles. Thing 1 is so confident. He has often befriended a stranger, exchanged names and listed his likes and dislikes, all before I have taken my scarf off from my neck and bag from my shoulder. Thing 2 on the other hand is stood behind me, observing his older brother from a distance, until he feels confident to approach this new situation.

We have done nothing different with the second son to the first. Well, other then I had a longer maternity leave and was at home more with him. But he eats fruit. And vegetables. Willingly. I was once informed that this was a rubbish house when there was only a choice of one apple in the fruit bowl. Thing 1 performs{very well} a death act from poisoning when forced to eat ONE carrot stick! Thing 1 LOVES his Xbox. Thing 2 LOVES being outside. Even in the cold and rain.


They’re just different.

They are what they are.



3 thoughts on “They just are…

  1. What a lovely post. I have two boys who are also totally different from each other, but they are extremely close. Somehow I think being different helps lessen the chances of sibling rivalry. It’s great to be able to celebrate each for being, as you say, who they are.

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