I am a working Mama

Some of my regular readers will know, that I have recently started to work FULL TIME. Everyday. Monday to Friday. Oh Em Gee.

I have not worked full time since before Thing 1 was born. To say it is a shock to my system is an understatement. Not because I’m lazy {working fulltime is my decision-even though this issue is the main cause of arguments between Mr 29 and myself},  I am really enjoying my working week and LOVE having weekends off, but as a consequence,  my home routine has nose dived.

I like a routine, a schedulde, a time table. I am not spontaneous. The bathroom HAS to be bleached twice a week {a weekend and Thursday}, the stairs MUST be hoovered daily. This has not been happening, and my inner Molly Maid has stamped her foot and cried. Quite literally over spilt milk.

After a day of Mr 29 AND the things helping to tidy the house {not me, I was a heaped pile of shock on the floor observing my 3 super heroes!}, I am now feeling ready to take on my Super Woman persona and carry on.

I was sent this cleaning calendar by a work colleague after a day of moaning to her.


I am using the above as a guide, adding to my own chores to suit me. I load the dishwasher last thing at night and unload it before I go to work in the morning. I programme the washing machine to turn on in the night, so that in the morning I can take the washing out and reload if needed.  I am also ironing one morning a week before the school run {it’s surprising how much you can get done in 1/2 hour!}.  I am also planning meals again, after letting this slide as well.

So, do you have any other suggestions to stop “Molly” appearing again?!



4 thoughts on “I am a working Mama

  1. Oh you poor thing. Is a cleaner out of the question? I can wholly recommend scrimping in other areas in order to be able to afford one. Does wonders for stopping bickering and you always have a lovely clean home (for a day at least).

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