Magic Moments

I have been absent from Magic Moments, brought to us courtesy of Jaime and her blog, The Oliver’s Madhouse, for a few weeks now but I am back…..

The weather it seems is still undecided. How very British, I hear you say, to talk about the weather. Again. But, seriously it’s nearly May!

I was driving with Thing 2 on a lovely Spring -like day, when it rained and hail stoned. Once this passed, we saw a rainbow. At 35 29 I still LOVE rainbows. I gasp and point and say “Look at the rainbow!” even if I’m alone. It occurred to me, that previous to the pictured rainbow below, I cannot remember a rainbow reaction from Thing 2. I now have one. He said, “Let’s find the end to the rainbow Mum!”. We didn’t, the sun came out and it disappeared. But, I’m left with my moment.


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4 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. awww i love rainbows!! well done for getting this cracking picture too! and i think the moments is worth more than the pot of gold. xx

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

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