I am me

I recently read this blog post, by Rachel at Three Years and Home, and decided that I would describe myself too. She has set up a linky for this, so please hop on over and peruse other mum’s “I am me” posts.

And so, as the subtitle in my blog says

I am a wife.

And a mama.

And a friend- to these crazy ladies!

I love these 3 sides of me but I am also a daughter, sister, niece, cousin and an auntie.

And a nurse.  I have been for 14 years and have no idea what I would do for a living if I wasn’t in the nursing profession.

About Me 

I Love the colour PINK. More so since I live in a testosterone fuelled house.

I drink tea. I cannot function without a cup in the morning {2 cups make me more approachable}. English Breakfast Tea, please. Not De-caff. Or herbal teas. Yuck.

I can only drink Marlborough region Savignon blanc, that is if I don’t want a hangover in the morning.

I swear. All the time. Please don’t hate me.

I prefer sweets over savoury. Everytime.

I HEART routine, schedules, lists, calenders and timetables.

I am hypoglycemic and need to eat every 3 hours-otherwise my blood sugars drop and my inner beast  is released! I have passed the latter part of this onto Thing 1 when he is hungry!

I dislike

Painting my nails {fingers and toes} as

  • I don’t have established fingers nails {Yes.  Guilty.  I nibble them}
  • I can’t wear nail polish at work anyway
  • it feels like I’m dislocating my hips when I paint my toes- therefore pedicures are a must for me {especially as I LIVE in flip flops in the Summer}

Exercise. I joined a gym when I was a SAHM but have no energy now I work full time.

Wee on the toilet seat. I live with 3 boys. This happens A LOT.

Champagne, proscetta and the likes- bubbles get me drunk far too quickly.

Broken sleep- My boys are 8 and 11, my waking in the night days are long gone {Thank Goodness!}. Oh,  and I need 8 hours sleep a night, otherwise stay clear!

So, this is a little insight into who I am.  I am Me.



7 thoughts on “I am me

  1. I don’t think that I could survive without my lists and notebooks. I love to write and cross-off to do lists. I also need out 8 hours sleep in order to be approachable the next day. Unfortunately, I think the last time I had that was three years ago. Pity my poor husband 🙂

    Thank you so much for joining in with this. The posts have been really funny and very insightful 😉

  2. I love getting to know more about the blogger behind the blog. This is a fab post. Thanks for sharing great to get to know so much about you. Glad you get some sleep now with older kiddies. lol Always good to get a good eight hours. I am lucky too I have two young ones but they sleep all night and its’ blissful. I think the bubbles get us all! hahah But they are so tasty too! #allaboutyou

  3. Oh, this is brill! Loved finding out a little about you! I also LOVE routine and absolutely cannot be approached without tea first thing. My husband and kids know to stay well away! xx #allaboutyou

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