Our House

I am dreaming of “that” day, the one where in 23 years time, Mr 29 and I will be mortgage free. I’ll obviously still be working, being only 29 {ahem!}, and I cannot wait to have BOTH of our wages to spend on us!

Our monthly mortgage payment is a quarter of our household income, and is single handedly our biggest standing order. But, realistically, if we didn’t pay a mortgage every month, we would have to pay rent, right? I mean, I’m all up for sleeping in and camping out of Stamford {our 1971 bay camper van} for a couple of weeks at a time, but I love my home and need all of the necessities inside it.


Our home has history. It used to belong to Mr 29’s parents. We moved in when we returned from Australia and my in-laws retired up to Yorkshire. It has changed so much since we moved here. We {not me!} have knocked walls down and put walls up. It is very much a modern family home, and suits our day-to-day life. Mr 29 thought he would never settle into living back into this house, but he has, and his plans to make it our home continue.

It’s a sociable house and has a friendly feel to it. We are always “open”, and frequently hear a knock on the door where a familiar face will be welcomed and will pop in for a beverage. We entertain often in our house, and its walls have seen tears and heard laughter throughout the years.

Our children have happy memories here. They recall when Nana and Grandad lived here. They know where the Christmas tree goes every year, where we open birthday presents and where to stand for the back to school photos.

Our house is our home, and our home houses our family and all our dreams.


This is a sponsored post for Tesco Finance, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Our House

  1. Being mortgage free is one of my ultimate goals. Prior to having kids, we put all of our spare cash in to over paying the mortgage. We were on track to pay it off by the age of 40 but last year we used the equity to buy a bigger family home in a nicer are. So … another 19 years to go 🙂 (but a better house for the boys to run wild in).

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