Come On Summer!

I am totally over Winter, and am desperate for Spring to appear, followed by Summer. This time of year, is always an exciting time for us in the 29 year old household as from now until the end of August we have all 4 birthdays, May half term and summer holidays! As well as squeezing in all the usual summer things!


Just looking at the sun makes me feel warm inside, and I mentally write a checklist of things we must do.


I cannot wait for it to warm up so as I can wear my pair of brand new Steve Madden gold serenity sandals which were purchased in NYC last Autumn.


Staying with the ‘In Laws ‘ for longer than a few days and planning days out



Yes, I know you can drink these all year round but really? Sex on the Beach during sub zero temperatures? I don’t think so!


Road trips in our campervan and counting on one hand, how many other vehicles we overtake! We are planning to drive to the South of France in the school holidays- that will be a mahoosive road trip!

That’s why I need the sun.  What do you have planned?



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