#Magic Moments

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. We ‘road tripped’ from Surrey to Yorkshire-the East Ridings, to be precise.

Picture the scene.  The iPod playing in the background with Mr 29’s retro music {Madness and Soul to Soul} as well as my chuff {One Direction and PJ and Duncan Ant and Dec}, the Things asking “are we there yet?” and wanting continuous snacks with both dogs jumping up and down.

This wasn’t a moment.  It lasted 4 whole hours.  But, what I did notice was that this journey is getting easier every time we take it, making Grandparent Moments all the more magical at the end of it!

Please hop on over to Jaime’s linky #magical moments to read other bloggers’ moments!




5 thoughts on “#Magic Moments

  1. lol I was wondering where the magic was going to come in as you described many a journey we have taken with the kids minus the dogs and between us they were less than magical. Grandparent moments are truely magical x

  2. awww family time is so so precious and i know how that journey can be!! with some family hours away and a toddler and preteen it can be tedious! – so glad this journey was a #magicmoment for you.

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

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