Don’t Judge Me But I Have Never

I came across this blog post whilst perusing Richmond Mummy’s blog and decided it looked like fun. It’s also surprising how similar our “I have never’s” are.

Please don’t judge me but I have never…..

Flown first class

Been fishing

Cooked fish

Changed a light bulb

Or a car tyre {Mr 29 is my emergency service!}

Checked the water or oil in my car {paging Mr 29!}

Read Harry Potter books

Or seen the movies

Watched all of the Star Wars movies {there are 6 in total, who has time to do that?!}

Been to a PTA meeting, or any similar school meeting {that sounds really bad because obviously I do want the best for my children!}

Helped out on a school fair stall

Partaken in the ‘Mothers’ race on Sports day

Travelled to Scotland {the furthest North that I’ve been to is County Durham}

Liked raisins in sticky toffee pudding

Driven in Europe {but America and Australia counts, right?}

Worn false eye lashes

Bungee jumped {did you hear about that girl whose rope broke?}

Jumped out of an aeroplane {did you hear about that guy whose pull cord didn’t work?}

Eaten sushi

Won ANYTHING {£2.70 on the Euro millions DOES NOT count}

Been competitive in any sport

Eaten pineapple in savoury food for example on a pizza or in chicken dishes

Liked fruit teas {I’m a morning breakfast kinda girl}

Food Fasted for religious, charity or through will power {I can’t do this}

Been a creative or artistic person

Spontaneous {I LOVE a routine and schedule tasks to time!}

Liked working over the Christmas period

Wanted to go on a skiing holiday

Watched ‘Beaches’ without crying

Set a single foot in the North Sea {unlike The Things}20130330-194123.jpg

                                                  So, what have you NEVER done?



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