We Love a V Dub

We, in the 29 year old household, love VW’s. Camper vans to be precise. Although, Mr 29 will happily tell you he is partial to a Golf as well.

I don’t think I have introduced y’all to our camper van.  We have been proud owners to Stamford, our 1971 sky blue bay bus for the last 3 years, having dreamed about owning him for a lot longer then that.  We have travelled as far North as Yorkshire {we’re in Surrey} and he has taken us down to Normandy. In France. That’s a different country, Guys! Way to go Stamford Bus!

Stamford, overlooking The Channel, next to a Citroen!

We have spent this freezing cold March weekend at the Volksworld show, in Esher, perusing show cars and buses. We LOVE it and go every year. How lucky are we to have this fabulous show on our doorstep?!  The Things especially loved the BMX demonstration on the half pipe- courtesy of the Cool Flo guys.

However, in arctic conditions that we’ve experienced this weekend {ok, it didn’t really snow, just a few flurries, but it was so cold!},we truly demonstrated our love for our bus. Oh, and showed our optimism for warm weather, by purchasing a mesh sun visor for the front window- can’t wait to see it!

But more importantly, this weekend, Mr 29 made a promise to me! “One day” he said, “we will have a split screen!” Yes! He actually said that! I know he said one day, I know we haven’t finished our adventures in Stamford, I know we haven’t got the money for a split screen but look what I’ve seen. I am officially in L O V E- a girl to add to our family!

Mr 29, can you see it? I want it.  NOW!




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