Happy Mama’s Day

I had a lovely day yesterday. I was woken up to loud ‘whispering’, a cup of tea in a brand new mug, Emma Bridgewater no less, various presents and home made and shop brought cards.

Predictable Mother’s Day presents in this house are flowers, wine {a box of, I don’t mean one with a tap, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from Majestic}, and a token EB mug. I like predictability, and I like all of the above presents.

Mother’s Day and my Birthday are the only days I get flowers brought for me. These 2 days are also the only days I don’t partake in any housework duties. Out of principle. Looking around this morning, I am totally regretting not hovering yesterday.

But the most exciting present this year? Easy. A pre owned bracelet, that Thing 2 brought at the school Mother’s Day sale for £1.50. He listened to me. I specifically said DO NOT come home with talcum powder, bubble bath, bath bombs, yada yada yada. And he didn’t! I wore it all day!


I had a lovely family orientated day. I am definitely getting used to my new job of having weekends off. We had a breakfast of homemade american style pancakes- lots of syrup and bananas on mine please!


We had a lovely afternoon, and spent it with my sister, her hubby and 4 {!} children, and obviously our ‘Ma’.



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