Our Bedroom

First things first, this is NOT a sexy post. No re-telling of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’on this Mama’s blog. Instead, I am getting my bedroom decorated! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. We have lived in this house since we came home from Australia and EVERY room has been decorated {some twice} except for our bedroom.

If you were to glance inside our house it is obvious to see I live with Mr 29 and the 2 Things. I am very aware that I have a house full of boys and have tried to keep my girly accessories discreet. I have crystal door knobs, pink cushions, a pink radiator in the kitchen and pink towels and mirror in the bathroom. Therefore I have taken a huge step to create a bedroom without any pink in it!

We are swapping the bedrooms around, so Mr 29 and I will now be sleeping at the back of the house and Thing 2 will be at the front. Thing 1 and his pre teen attitude will stay up in the loft. Thank God!

We are technically moving into a smaller room, but the space works better for us {we had the chimney breast taken out a couple of years ago} and it means our mahoosive bed can fit against the wall and we each get to have a bedside table- bliss!

I had originally wanted to create a hotel chic style boudoir. But then Mr 29 came home with a pink cast iron radiator for my kitchen, and I felt guilty that he has had to put up with my girliness in every room! Instead, I decided that I would like our bedroom styled on our campervan. Mr 29 loves that bus as though it’s his 3rd 1st son. our Mr 29’s camper van is blue, and decorated blue and neutral inside..

I saw these curtains whilst, perusing the Next catologue and promptly ordered them. In the wrong size! A quick reorder here they are.


We {the Royal “we”- I never do any DIY} also took down the old airing cupboard and made it 1} bigger and therefore more useable {I am partial to storage}and 2}look prettier-This is a girls bedroom now, and even if the cupboard is blue {Swedish blue in fact} it can still look nice!


And so this weekend, we ‘moved’ into our new room. I am still looking for a few items- a bedside table for Mr 29 {I obviously sorted myself out first!} and a full length mirror. We have one at the top of the landing and I am looking at getting a similar one when we go to VolksWorld at the end of March.


And then our camper van style bedroom will be complete, and Mr 29 can relax  start his next task *scratches head and ponders*



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