Poor Kate

I have to start by telling you that I don’t think of myself as a royalist, although I have to admit that I love proper fancy Prince Harry, and have {like lots of others} thoroughly enjoyed the bank holiday celebrations over recent years.

Do you remember the wedding in 2010, it was a lovely warm April day, and the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in 2011 {it was a cold June weekend!}?

The fact that we {as a nation} have a Royal family, makes me proud. Much of our history {which I totally enjoyed at school} involves them, and without them, we wouldn’t have tourism and all the pennies that it produces for our Government to play with {do not get me started on politics- pur lease!}. Equally, I have no concerns if we become a Republic. The fact is I don’t care. You see, as much as I love a bit of Queenie and her family and I include our future Queen Camilla here {can you imagine her on a night out, all sozzled and dancing?}, I do not think about them morning, noon or night {well, maybe a little too much of Harry during the night!}. The Royal family do not effect me, my family or our day to day living. I only think about them when I read the Daily Mail broadsheets, or when they’re on the news, or, when they provide us with a reason for a “do”.

Therefore, as a irresponsible professional 29 year old grown up woman I do not see a reason to be spiteful and criticize another person. In public anyway.

But Hilary Mantel, you clearly do. What is in your beef?!

Hilary Mantel is a professional grown up woman too. She has, people, won the distinguished ‘Mann Booker Award’. Twice. The only woman to do this. I admire her. But despite her accomplishments, she has got my ‘heckles up’ and I’m not one to rant very often {my cup is nearly always half full and all that jazz}.

How is it acceptable to publicly bash somebody, in this instance Kate, opps, sorry Catherine {okay, Hils, I get the re branded bit here!}. So what if Kate is famous for being Prince William’s wife. She’s a girl who fell in love, all be it, with the future King of England. Just like us, falling in love with our own kings.

*reaches for sick bucket*

Mr 29 tells me how every heart in Surrey was shattered on 4th December 1999 at 2pm. That was the day we got married.

Kate is clever in her own right, just like Hilary, She is a university graduate.

She may be a plastic mannequin {Hilary’s description, folks} and is being voted for the top of the polls for best teeth, hair and clothes. But, is Hilary berating the British Public {who are obviously voting for her } through her verbal attack on Kate? There’s some food for thought people.

There are enough bullies already Hilary, we do not need another. Please put your thoughts into yet another award winning book, and as I say to my own children, and as I was told myself as a child, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t day anything at all.

Rant over.



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