Mama to boys

I openly admit, I am was one of ‘those’ mothers that wanted a girl. I wanted to be a SMOG {Smug Mother Of Girls}. Twice. Instead I became a DMOB {Defensive Mother Of Boys}.

At Thing 1’s 20 week ultra sound scan,  when the radiographer confirmed we were undoubtedly having a boy, I did not speak to Mr 29 for an hour. It was obviously his fault for putting to much of the Y chromosome to work that night. I digested this information, and decided, that actually an older brother would be nice for the 2nd child, a girl, that I was already planning.

Thing 1 was born, at 36 weeks and 3 days, a healthy 6ib 7oz. He was perfect. I was consumed with so much love for him and he was a boy. I was proud of myself, I could be a mama to a boy. He was an heir to our 29 year old kingdom. He loved me, I was his world. Until he was 2 and 1/2, when he discovered Mr 29’s motor bike and quad collection. Mr 29 then become his world, and I became {and continue to stay} a convenience.

Fortunately, I was pregnant again, with Thing 2. Another boy. Again Mr 29 was slapped down for giving me too much ‘Y’. He, on the other hand, was over the moon. 2 boys. Oh Em Gee. He smiled. I grimaced.

There was nothing I could do. I had 2 sons, both were, and remain well and I love them equally. No favourites in this house.

And so 3 became 4, and I have been asked over the years if we were going to try for a third baby, to have a girl? How dare other people judge me! What if I had really wanted 2 boys? I would find them asking if I wanted a girl very insulting. Anyway, I had already formed my own opinion about being a mama to 2 boys – if it was good enough for Princess Diana to have an heir and a spare, then it was jolly well good enough for me.

And despite the numerous odd pieces of Lego, and Nerf gun bullets which make their way up the Hoover noozle, I have adapted very well to my role. I can tell you things that I didn’t know {or care about before} such as the difference between a BMX and mountain bike, how and when to change the ball bearings on a skateboard, and various boxing moves. And that, so I’m informed by my boys, makes me a cool mum.

Society may choose to label me as a DMOB, but I will not accept it. Yes, my boys are loud, they never sit still for more than 15 minutes, they physically fight with each other, they eat non stop and it feels like the cupboards are always empty, they do leave dirt marks in the bath, they may run around when they shouldn’t and burp inappropriately, but I refuse for them to change. They ARE boys!

I will continue to teach my boys to be courteous and show respect to others. They will continue to exhibit good manners in public {it’s at home we need to work on!}, to be chivalrous {both Things will always open doors and carry heavy bags for me}, and to eventually love their future partners in the way their father loves me.

Anyway “SMOG”, my boys DO NOT whinge, moan, cry or stamp their feet at every No that they get told, and as a consequence cause a headache for every DMOB in the playground. Boys rock. Simples.


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7 thoughts on “Mama to boys

  1. I’ve just joined the DMOB club but couldn’t be happier. I lived in fear of having a girl and being subjected to a lifetime of pink, sparkles and hormones but can now breathe a sigh of relief at merely having to cope with dirt, noise and disappointing girlfriends.

  2. Lol another DMOB here too and I love it, my 2nd little boy arrived 9 weeks ago and I was hoping he would be a boy as company for my eldest. I have a step daughter who I love to bits but I whole heartily agree with your closing statement. I don’t think I was made to be a mummy of girls now I have the boys.

  3. My mum had 4 boys and then suddenly many years later I appeared – it was a shock to the household!
    You are right – girls are trickier.
    My son is very in touch with his feminine side and my daughter is a tom boy, so they are a good match, but I wouldn’t have minded to have 2 boys.

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