The MAD Blog Awards 2013

I recently found out, I was nominated in the prestigious ‘blogger of the year’ category of the MAD Blog Awards. I know, right? Have you seen who is nominated? I am talking about seriously super, awe-inspiring bloggers! I am completely overwhelmed to be in such great company. I was not expecting this, as the terms and conditions stipulate that a blog has to be up and running for 3 months before the start of nominations.

Actually, despite the T&C’s, I wasn’t expecting this.

My little blog, started in November 2012, and unfortunately my nomination isn’t valid.

But, wow, somebody, somewhere, reads my blog, enjoys my blog and took the time to nominate me for an amazing award. This in itself is a fabulous achievement. And a wonderful surprise. “Thank You” so much for putting a smile on my face.



3 thoughts on “The MAD Blog Awards 2013

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