My Week That Was {6}

Once again, I am linking up with Lauren’s blog and posting ‘My Week That Was’.

Monday. I meal planned this evening and in true organised style, we ate the Shepherds pie I had made the day before.

Tuesday. My neighbour popped round in the morning for a coffee {we usually drink wine together!} and we moaned and whinged about our 11 year old sons. It was very comforting to hear that she is going through the same as me. Our sons both want to be older and have attitudes of teenagers to match. And breathe.

Wednesday. I am trying to not eat out or get take aways as much and I made a home made curry. It’s a Pakistani recipe that one of the Doctor’s at work gave me it was yummy.

Thursday is my least favourite night of the week. Mr 29 plays football and this means I cook for the Things almost as soon as they come home from school as they have clubs. As Mr 29 is elsewhere, I have to drop off and collect, meaning I cannot have a glass of wine until after 8 o’clock! Can you hear the panic in my voice?!

Friday- I made homemade meat balls which were enjoyed by all! Mr 29 and I watched a movie in the evening, The Vow. Hooray! We found a ‘chick flick’ that Mr 29 actually enjoyed!

Saturday and Sunday I worked a total of 23 hours and missed this weekend. No family time, cooking time or pub time. I cannot wait to start my new Monday-Friday job!!

Thank’s again to Lauren for hosting this link up.




3 thoughts on “My Week That Was {6}

  1. I admire your meal planning. We are just starting to do that but haven’t quite got around to making a night in advance. Your weekend shift doesn’t sound like any fun at all…roll on your new job. Have a good week x

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