My Week That Was {5}

5? Where is Week 4? I hear you ask! Well, I forgot. Oooppss! I just simply cannot believe how fast 2013 is going. Its February already. How the hell did that happen?  This will just be a quick update of my week, just so Lauren over at Realhousewifeofsuffolk doesn’t think that I’ve forgotten about her and her lovely blog.

Monday This may sound really boring, but I picked up a new lap top for my new job {which I start in 4 weeks time. Counting down the time much?}. The Things both had clubs. Mr 29 played football. I ironed and watched girly chuff in peace and quiet.

Tuesday I had to return some clothes to a store in Town. I met a friend for coffee, before running off to work {I made it just in time!}.

Wednesday Having worked for 3 whole days, we had a Harvester for dinner.  It’s cheap, cheerful and gets us out of the house. I must inform you that I still don’t have a kitchen {as such} at present. I spoke with the furniture maker {is that what they’re called?} and he is coming to discuss our plans next week.


He has made these cupboards, on one side of the kitchen already, and I am ultra excited to see what he suggests.

Thursday My car, J-Lo, had her first service. I found myself perusing the shops in Guildford and met Mr 29 for lunch.

Friday I cooked an earlier dinner and Mr 29, the Things and I walked to the pub and had a few drinks in the evening.

Saturday Our friends came over for a curry take away and I got to coo {again} over baby Harry {my God son to be}. I did try to keep him, but ‘his’ mother insisted I return him.

Sunday I woke up peachy keen and cooked us a full English Breakfast, prepared the vegetables and meat for Sunday Dinner AND cooked a shepherds pie for Monday night dinner. All by 11.00. Check me out. I {yes, I!} helped Mr 29 with DIY. He never lets me help. I since discovered I was the apprentice, tidying and making tea. It wasn’t as much fun as I thought.

I am now heading over to Lauren’s blog to link up My week That Was.  Go on, I know you want to look to.  You’re allowed to be nosey!



3 thoughts on “My Week That Was {5}

  1. Sorry I’m so late at commenting on this!
    The kitchen cupboards look lovely, I really like that colour.
    I’m impressed at how productive you were on Sunday morning!!
    Thank you for linking up 🙂 (and for saying lovely things about my blog) x

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