2nd Sibling..

I am a second child.  I have an older sister.  She is 2 years and 2 months older than me.  I have seen photographs of her beautifully presented in {1970’s garish printed} albums.  In these photographs, she is aged from 2 hours old to approximate 2 years old.  She is pictured with our mother, father, mother and father, our grandparents, and older cousins. She is wearing lovely dresses.

There is a photograph of me, at about 6 months old, I cannot even remember if this is in an album. I am wearing a hideous yellow baby-gro. I do not have my own album.  If  I think about this too much I may start crying.  Again.   This was used against me by my sister, who used to say I was adopted. This upset me, and obviously I accused my ma of favouriting ‘her’.


Courtesy of Someecards.com

The problem is, I have made exactly the same error.  Thing 1 has lots of photo albums of him with family, with friends, doing all his firsts and various milestones.  The  list is endless.  He has been photographed at different stages in his life.  Mr 29 and I were nearly divorced over the cost of a “Venture” photography session when he was 2 years old.   He has boxes of drawings, paintings and his writing that I have kept.   He has mugs, jugs and tiles with his feet printed on them.  We even have videos of him.

When Thing 2 was born, I wanted to ensure he had a photographic story, unlike me.  I tried desperately hard to take lots of photographs of him, and for a few months, I did well.  Then I stopped.  I never made an album of him.   I kept a few pictures and paintings, not many.  He has never been officially photographed, although school ones count, right?!  But I have realised that  everything is different with the second child.  Thing 2 stayed in a dirty nappy longer, he had to wait longer to have a feed,  he wasn’t held as much, and {gasp, shock, horror} if his dummy fell on the floor it went straight back into his mouth without being sterilised!

I remember everything about Thing 1 in an instant.  His birth? 2 paracetamol, 2 hours, 2 pushes.  His first tooth? 4 and a half months. First steps? 15 months. Thing 2?  It’s here, in my brain, stored safely, I just need a few minutes to retrieve it. When making an appointment for him at the GP, I am stomped, every time they ask for his Date Of Birth. Of course I know it. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue as quickly and confidently as when I say Thing 1’s birth date.  I always get Thing 2’s birth date correct, first time, I just require a silent pause to think.

Poor Thing 2.  I can picture {excuse the pun!} him asking me in years to come, where his baby photos are .  Perhaps I can just download some from google images?! He will never have to know!



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