100 day spending ban {update 2}

Nearly one month into this challenge, and I have been good for 80% of the time.

I failed twice in 1 week {last week}, when I brought a mars bar out of the vending machine at work. But, I have good{ish} reasons. The first fail was because I got my shift wrong. This NEVER happens. I was convinced I was on a late on Monday {and was swallowing champagne like tea on the Sunday- that’s how convinced I was that I was on a late shift, you see “bubbles” and I are not the best of friends the day after we catch up!}. I received a phone call at 7.30 in the morning asking where I was! Ooppps. So I rushed out of the house without a snack and needed a Mars bar desperately by 10.00! I failed again in this task on the Friday- the hospital was on Black alert {simply defined as too many patients and not enough beds!} and therefore I anticipated a rotten day and only a Mars bar would make it go smoothly. And it helped!

However, I have not brought any magazines or had a coffee. I have not brought make up other than face cream which I class as a necessity.

I haven’t been ‘saving’ my pennies, so can’t see any rewards for me partaking in this challenge, but a new cardigan and poodle {obviously!} t-shirt {from the lovely Oasis} have appeared in my wardrobe! Result!



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