My Week That Was {3}

A little late this week, as my weekend antics have exhausted me! I actually cannot believe it’s Wednesday already! Remember to check out everybody else’s week at Lauren’s blog- Realhousewifeofsuffolk.

Monday- The Things woke up disappointed that the predicted snow did not fall. Consequently, there was not a snow day and school was open! “Hurray” said Mr 29 and I!

Tuesday- I have an official start date for my new job! Ultra excited- roll on 25th February. I celebrated with a glass {or 2} of wine!

Wednesday- The only night the Things don’t have clubs after school. It’s freezing so we stay in and watch a movie- something about a dolphin with no fin!

Thursday- I have cuddles with my gorgeous Godson to be! The boys are not impressed with his crying and both went upstairs to their room! Mr 29 plays football tonight, and Thing 1 has boxing. I eventually sit down in the evening at 8.15 with a glass of red to warm me up and constantly look out the window for the expected snow!

Friday- Again the Things woke to no snow this morning! The Things went off to school. Devastated. I was contacted at 11.30 to say the schools were closing early due to hazardous conditions! The boys had snowball fights with the neighbours kids. I cleared the drive with our new snow shovel. I cannot tell you how excited I was to use it- I have had to wait 13 months since Mr 29 brought it home after I moaned highlighted my concern to him that we didn’t have one! Mr 29 shovelled and gritted our elderly neighbour’s drive.

Saturday- Cocktails {far too many} were consumed to celebrate my lovely friend’s 40th Birthday. We danced to Bros, Rick Astley and loads of chuff! We went to bed at 1.30am- a little worse for wear!

Sunday was Ladies Day! Us Gals continued the Birthday celebrations by having champagne and afternoon tea, at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the limo was cancelled, but we made it into town via a man with a van{!}. I shall be blogging about this day very soon! It was amazing! We drank champagne in The Blue Room and had a fashionista afternoon tea, pret a protea style, in The Caramel Room.

Here is a selection of the goodies!




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