I have a Kindle.

This is not breaking news, I know. But I have a kindle. Mr 29 brought it for me for Christmas. I wanted a kindle. I have downloaded {and read} 4 books since the Big JC’s birthday. I love reading. So why do I feel like I have sold my soul to the devil?!

My Kindle Paper White is very smart, it has a light {which was handy when I had ‘Man Flu’ and I was having coughing fits at 3am!} and I never lose my page. It can easily fit into my hand bag- although I haven’t taken it anywhere yet!

Mr 29 apologised for it not being a 3G kindle but the store was out of stock {Christmas Eve shopping, by chance?!} but this isn’t important to me. I can download books at home {using the wifi!} – simples. The only time this would be difficult would be when we’re abroad. In fact what Mr 29 said was “you can download a load of books before we go on holiday” – his version of simples.

But, this got me thinking. Can I really take my kindle on holiday? It would take up less room {scores a point} as I took 3 books with me on our last holiday and left them there {point 2 for the Kindle- I get to keep my holiday books!}. But…you can’t read your kindle on a plane during take off or landing {The Captain says so!}.

Can I really take this to the beach? Won’t it get splashed? Scratched by the sand? Become greasy from the sun screen? Get stolen when I’m swimming? , forget this last thought. I don’t do the whole getting my hair wet and going swimming malarkey, much to the Things disappointment. No doubt they’ll hold it against me in years to come when they’re in therapy and needing someone to blame for something. “Yeah, this all started when we had summer holidays and Mum never liked to get her hair or face wet. She was too busy reading her book/kindle on the beach/ by the pool. I blame her. For EVERYTHING!”. Awesome. That sounds like a fun future.

So I need a case for my kindle. Yes, that will make it holiday proof. Any suggestions for a case that will be sand, sun screen and water proof?! Answers on a post card please {or leave a comment below!}. Thank you!

I haven’t stopped reading ‘normal’ books. Just last week I found a book I had forgotten about and took it to work. I have had 3 break times where I could read it. The good old paper back has been at my beck and call. I was reminded the other evening how reliable ‘normal’ books are, when my kindle battery died. ALL of the chargers were in use, and my charger which stays by my bedside and should NEVER be moved was missing. It was later found in Thing 1’s room but he didn’t take it?!

In conclusion, I love reading. Anything. I love getting lost in the mystery and romance of novels. I love imagining the characters; how they look and dress, how they speak and how they interact with each other. I get disappointed when books I really enjoy become movies. When I read ‘One Day’, ‘my’ Emma didn’t look like Anne Hathaway and ‘my’ Dexter didn’t look like Jim Sturgees. And Alice’s heaven in ‘The Lovely Bones’ was much nicer in ‘my’ imagination. Unfortunately My boys are not readers. They can read. Very well. And they have AMAZING imaginations. They just haven’t got the inclination or desire to kick off their shoes, and curl up on the sofa with a good read. This upsets me more than they realise. My Ma said I always had my head in a book when I was younger. I love being a book worm. Geek!


And so, I am sorry to disappoint and sadden those of you who would like me to get into a Kindle Vs Book debate. I will continue to read from both. And enjoy reading both. I love reading, did you know that?!



2 thoughts on “I have a Kindle.

  1. I havnt taken that leap of faith to a kindle yet but I agree with you I would still do both especially as like to see the physical books on my shelf. MP3 music ruined the romanace of having the CDs and their album sleeves to peruse :’)

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