This Evening

Can you hear that?  Nor can I.  I have NO children in the house. I am dancing.  With the blinds shut. Obviously. No, not really, that would interrupt the posting of minstrels in my mouth!

Mr 29 has not come home from work yet. I am home alone.

Thing 1 is at boxing and Thing 2 is at Tom’s house and is being dropped off- bonus. There are no TV’s blarring  with only the dogs watching.  Nobody shouting calling for Mum.  No screaming, arguing and sounds of hitting each other, followed by tears. There are no lights on in EVERY room and Mr 29 complaining the house looks like Blackpool Tower.

Usually I would be thinking about our dinner, but the slow cooker has this under control.  I should be ironing. Or doing something for someone else other than me. But I’m not.  I am watching last night’s Celebrity Big Brother. And eating minstrels, left over from one of the Thing’s stockings, with a cup of tea.

This is a nice evening. A peaceful evening. An evening I never get {yes, I know I have 2 children, what do I expect?!}. And no doubt, tomorrow, when none of us can find clean clothes, I’ll be regretting it, but for now, I’m searching for more Christmas chocolates.



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