Meet Thing 1 {our pre teen son}

I had blogged previously about Thing 1 here. I feel used and no longer needed while he struggles for dependency. He no longer feels like a child but is not quite a teenager and no where near adulthood! I read somewhere that a pre-teen is in between the devil and the deep blue sea with a barrel of gunpowder ready to explode.

I have researched pre teenhood extensively these last few months and we seem to be doing everything the ‘experts’ say.

Here are some of them.

1} have meal times together {we do this all but 2 nights a week, and this will go down to only once a week when I start my new job}.
2} Ask open ended questions- in the hope of having a formed sentence as a reply instead of “yes, no, fine, good”.
3} Give him space/ respect his privacy. To an extent we do this. He would happily stay in his room on the blasted x box all day if we let him. And he is still comfortable showering with the door open at the moment, but no doubt he will shut and lock the bathroom door soon.
4} Let him enjoy his freedom. He has his own keys, and is very good at texting and ringing us if anything changes.
5} Show affection and Tell him you love him. We do. Much to his disgust.

I tell Thing 1 I love him all the time, in person, in email, in a text message. His reply via text message? K.K. No kiss.

This is in contrast to my sensitive 8 year old, Thing 2, who loves me. To the moon and back. I know this because he tells me every single day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. And quite often in between too.

Mr 29 and I have discussed Thing 1, this weekend, and have decided that he probably isn’t as bad as we think he is. We are a very open family and talk about everything, and I am confident both our boys will speak with us if, and when, they encounter problems. He is so well behaved in public {no ASBO’s yet!} and we always receive positive comments about him. It’s just that I still see him how he was on the day he was born. All 6 pounds 7 ounces of him. And I want to wrap him up, and protect him and keep him out of danger.

I don’t want him to grow up. But at the same time, I can’t wait to see the man he will become. He is polite and courteous , thoughtful, selfless {not to his parents!}, kind and handsome. I believe he will carry on with these traits as he becomes a man and I’m excited for him. I just don’t want to lose him on his journey.

Thing 1, should ever you read this, and you know, because I tell you, I love you. I am proud of you. You make me happy and you could never disappoint me. I think of you and I smile. All the time.

Just drop the attitude for the next 7 years, yeah?!



One thought on “Meet Thing 1 {our pre teen son}

  1. What a lovely post! Your Thing 1 sounds similar to my nearly 12 year old. He’s good at school, not so good at home. We give him his space and freedom and respect his privacy as much as you can in a bungalow where he shares his room with his younger brother! Thanks very much for linking with the Britmums teen and tween round-up.

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