My Week That Was {2}

I had said last week we had returned to normal, following Christmas and New Year {does anybody else agree that seems ages ago now?!}, but with the Things now back at school, normality and routine {which I love} are back on the menu!

Which leads nicely onto this…. This was the week I had stuck to my meal planning and this made the whole return to school and work routine so much easer. I will definitely blog about meal planning soon.

Monday- Thing 1 went to school {disgusted that his younger brother had an inset day, but excited to show off his Superdry coat!}. Thing 2 and I met Mr 29 for lunch, exchanged the child {with each other, not for another child, although this is tempting at times!} and I went off to work. With NO voice- have I mentioned that I am still ill yet?!

Tuesday- Work and school for all of us. Homework, reading and clubs have begun.

Wednesday- The Things each had a friend round. Dominoes Pizza delivered their tea.

Thursday- I was home alone for the day and chose to clean and tidy. Properly. The first time since before Christmas. The sofas were washed, the sofas were moved and the floor hoovered and mopped, skirting boards dusted- you’re catching my drift, yeah?

I cleaned and emptied the fridge and disposed of expired Christmas creams and bits {on the day Sky News repeatedly informed me that half of the worlds food is binned- oopss!}.

Friday- We had friends round for nibbles and wine and lots giggles reminiscing about the past. I love evenings like this.

Saturday- I felt a little bit squiffy following my Friday night wine intake, and not helped by Mr 29 working on a Saturday morning {he NEVER works on a weekend}. I could not go back to sleep after his alarm went off {I do not understand anyone who ‘sleeps’ their alarm 3 times! Ggrrrr! And then he proceeded to turn ALL the lights on- double ggrrr!} and so I had to put up with the room spinning until I was able to get out my pit.

Mr 29, the Things and I went to our local curry house. I am always surprised that Thing 1 likes a ‘hot’ curry, I think he idolises Mr 29, I mean why else would he insist on having a chicken madras? Buttery, creamy and spice dishes for me please!

Sunday- in the morning, we had coffee with friends who we hadn’t seen over the Christmas holidays, I spent the afternoon baking cakes for Thing 2’s packed lunch and I made chicken fajitas for dinner. On a Sunday. Not like me at all! We did have apple strudel and custard for pudding to keep it a bit more traditional!

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2 thoughts on “My Week That Was {2}

  1. I’m sorry you’re still ill! I hate colds that hang around for ages.
    You’re right, Christmas seems like ages ago now. I was saying the exact same to my husband yesterday.
    I would love a day like your Thursday, our house needs a major clean but I always have the children in the way!
    Chicken fajitas followed by apple strudel and custard sounds like a PERFECT meal to me.
    Thank you for linking up again x

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