I was thinking the other day, whilst writing a blog, about certain words and sayings I use within my close social network, and how these are probably words not used by everybody else. I was also thinking about words and sayings I never used to say, but now appear regularly in my vocabulary.

For example, when describing something cheesy/ rubbish etc, we {my girlfriends and I} say “chuff”. Mr 29 and my Ma are also familiar with this term now and know exactly what I mean if I’m describing something “chuffy” . My 100 day spending ban has stopped me from buying “chuffy” magazines. When writing this blog post, I presumed everybody would know what a “chuff” magazine was.

Since we went to Florida last year, I have been saying Awesome (with a sarcastic tone). I never said this before. And yet now it is used on a daily basis. Because, well, I am sarcastic.

Whilst living in Australia, I was conscious of the saying “no worries”. I mean that and “G’day” is how you define an Australian, right?! I remember, chatting with the cashier in Woolworths (an Aussie grocery store) and saying “No worries” in the correct context. I now say this every single day.

I have been saying “amazeballs” since November 2011. I know this was the date because I was mentoring a student nurse, just 21, and everything I did and showed her was awarded with “amazeballs” for an answer. She was my student for 12 weeks. And the saying stuck.

Is there anything you never used to say, but now do? Or do you have your own words that describes stuff nobody but you would understand?



2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Great post! I’m gaining all sorts here πŸ™‚ and I used the word ‘guddle’ in a blog post, meaning a disordered mess, a friend googled it, good grief – it has a rather different meaning in the US, I promptly changed it to clutter πŸ™‚

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