100 day spending ban {Update 1}

At the start of January,  I had read that Sarah at yummymummyintraining was taking part in a spending ban, lasting 100 days and would not buy any unessentials.    I commenced  a 100 day spending ban myself.  I blogged about how I would do this here.

This is just a quick update, to keep you all posted.  And because I am still feeling rather smug with myself so early into this challenge!

1}  No Costa Coffee

I have a Costa Coffee within spitting distance of Thing 2’s school, and therfore, it is very tempting to have a quick one {!}.  However, I have been working 4 days a week and have NOT been into ANY coffee house- Go me!

2}  No Magazines

I have downloaded a book on my Kindle. I read loads and always have a book on the go.  But have not purchased a chuffy mag- whoop whoop!

3} No Purchasing of Make Up

Yet.  My blusher has fallen on the floor and crumbled.  I have still been using it, but know it won’t last for 100 days.  I will use my Boots Advantage points to get a new one when I am unable to tolerate crumbly pink bits all over the sink!

4} Not to use vending machines at work

So far so good.  This is to do with me being organised and ensuring I take snacks {especially Mars bars!} to work with me.

And so less than 2 weeks into this 3 and a bit month challenge I am still smiling and don’t feel like I have missed anything.  Yet.



2 thoughts on “100 day spending ban {Update 1}

  1. Fantastic idea. We did this when we were saving for our wedding in 2008. Then when I went on maternity leave we did it again. I have never gone back to buying magazines and I had a serious habit. What I did was after our spending ban and I’d broken the habit, use my tesco points to get subscriptions to two magazines I had missed and that was great. Kept me out of the newsagent for a start, and then you have the buzz of having them arrive!

    I find spending bans brilliant as you then find stuff in your house to do that you had neglected, like long lost books or craft projects. At the moment we live on such a strict budget we have no luxuries and I’m just about to start a well paid job, and am going to go back to the spending ban so that we can save our pennies to do stuff to the house and go to Australia!

    • Thank you for commenting. I am pondering as to whether I should save up for something to keep me motivated? At least this way I don’t feel pressured in case I break the rules! Good luck with saving for Australia- I’m jealous!

      I think we are all guilty of buying stuff we don’t really need and this will be a good way of seeing what is important!


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