My week that was….{1}

This is my first link up to “My week That Was” courtesy of Lauren. Please visit her blog and link up your week too!

We have all been fighting the lurgie in the 29 household this week {officially a month now!} sharing the most amazing coughs and colds, and personally think this post should be sponsored by Kleenex. We have Kleenex tissues everywhere- scrunched up all over the house. Oh, and in worn clothes. Which means the washing machine, and consequently washed clothes. Gggrrrrr.

We have had a relatively quiet week, which has been most welcomed after the build up and busyness of Christmas. The boys have surprisingly been happy playing with Christmas gifts and settling for Dog walks down by the canal.

On Monday, despite our germs, we dosed ourselves up with Boots pharmacy in preparation and we said Goodbye to 2012 {which had actually been a lovely year for us, please see my post here} and welcomed 2013 at my Sister’s house. She had a gathering of family and friends. Children welcome. No babysitter required. Bonus. We drank champagne and danced the night away until 2am.

Our long for God son, Harry, made his appearance into the world on New Years Eve, and on Tuesday we all got to cuddle, kiss and dote on him. The Things can not wait for him to get bigger already.

On wednesday, Mr 29 returned to work, and in an attempt to return to normal the Things and I woke up at 10am. Ooooppps, lets hope OFSTED won’t be too vigilant when school is open next week! Thing 2 had an appointment with the GP, to monitor a potential displastic mole and we have been advised to monitor and take regular photographs of it- cue the I phone and 5 pence coin.

On Thursday, all signs of Christmas were removed {our tree was taken outside days ago!} inside and out, and downstairs was given a lick and a flick. Oh, and we had fish and chips for dinner- within my limit for my news years resolutions!

Friday was a cinema treat and we watched Parental Guidance {I did Lol a few times!} and had a catch up for the boys with friends.

This weekend has seen me work. All of it. 23 hours over 2 days. This is what I don’t like about my job. Oh, and the constant headache and pressures, frustrations of patients, relatives and staff, the lack of breaks, the lack of beds and never getting home on time. We are definitely back to normal now!

I am now off to read what sort of week everybody else has had!



One thought on “My week that was….{1}

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely week other than work of course.
    I am sorry that you have all been poorly and hope you are all better now.
    Thank you for joining in with My Week That Was x

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