New Years Resolutions

Hello 2013!

This will be the first time I have said out loud my New Years resolutions. Perhaps by doing so, I may stick to them. Ask me in a few months whether I am still going strong *crossesfingersandactuallyhopesyoudon’t*

I have some general housekeeping resolutions to make. This makes me sound like a slob. I am not. The Things and Mr 29 get most distressed that I can’t sit down and not twitch over the simplest things- an empty mug not in in the kitchen, empty wrappers not in the bin, a drawer not closed fully, blinds not opened, beds not made, cushions on sofa not in the right place- but most importantly the “men” in this house HATE it when I’m dusting the tele when they’re watching it, I always {but totes unintentionally} dislodge the sky cable, surround sound cable, Xbox/ wii/ play station cables…. Oooooppps!

And so my resolutions are……

1} Relax my general cleaning habits @ chez 29

Obviously I will continue to tidy and ensure toilets, sinks and work surfaces are clean, but will attempt to enjoy my house more and not act like “Monica” where possible. I have a handful of friends and family members who pay for a cleaner and have to say I am less than impressed with their acts and therefore will give “my” cleaner the same duties!

2} To put washing away

I can do 2 hour ironing session, but then the clothes will stay in the spare room. I wash every day and therefore will nominate 15 minutes a day to put non ironable {Pj’s, underwear, some tops}clothes away.

3}. To Meal plan and eat out less

We like to eat food cooked away from home {either a take away or restaurant} a lot. Please see my previous post. And so, I propose, the 29 year old household will only have 1 take away and 1 meal out per week. I can feel my heart beating faster already, and sweaty palms forming, but this is one of my resolutions I would like go stick to. I have started to read up on meal planning sites and will blog regularly with links to these.

4} 100 day no spending ban

Eeeekkkkk! The biggest challenge I have ever undertaken. I will be joining Sarah at yummymummyintraining . And will not spend on things I don’t really need such as coffee at costa in a school day, magazines, or make up. Please see my blog post here

4? I have 4 resolutions to stick to? Surely one will have to give?! She says, looking at no.3!!! No, I am going to try very hard to keep to these where possible {my will power is already breaking}. Good luck with all of your New Years resolutions and I hope you keep to them!



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