100 Day Spending Ban

This is not my idea, I did not {could not!} think of anything worse, but actually the title is not as harsh as it reads. Wipes brow in relief. The 100 day spending ban is where you don’t buy to treat yourself to any non essentials. Obviously necessities are allowed. The challenge started, for me, yesterday and will run for 100 days finishing on 10th April {by my rubbish calculations!}.

I invited myself to join Sarah at yummymummyintraining who wants to save for an IPad and new sofa. I haven’t set any saving goals but am always up for a challenge although I rarely stick to anything. Oh, well New Year, New Me and all that jazz!

And so my non essentials are….

1} No Costa coffee

I am hoping I will stick to this and it should be quite easy as I will now be working 4 days during the week. Let’s see.

2} No magazines

I do like to sit down with a cup of tea and biscuit and read a “chuffy” mag. I have noticed over recent times that they are all the same, pictures, write up and I think that’s just pants, I should only buy 1 magazine. But, my goal is, no magazines. Let’s see

3} No purchasing make up

I think, I should be ok here, I have updated my collection pre Christmas and received some as presents. However, this may be my down fall. Let’s see.

4} Vending Machines at work

I only thought of this one yesterday, when, I brought 2 Mars bars {costing 65 pence each} out of a vending machine, at work. I do this routinely and never question it as I love Mars bars {but only eat them whislt working}. I will buy Mars bars at Tesco and the Co-op {where they are £1 for 4 at the moment- I best stock up!}

So, how is your will power. Will you join me in this challenge? Just simply blog what you hope to achieve and I will blog weekly and let you know how well {or badly I am doing}. Wish me luck.



5 thoughts on “100 Day Spending Ban

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