My Year 2012

In January, after a 10 week wait, I said Goodbye to the ‘The Beast’ and Hello to ‘J-LO’! Mr 29 did not agree with me that we should be selling my BMW X5, aka ‘The Beast’ but I WANTED a fiat 500, and Mr 29 always delivers and makes me happy. It was the first car, I’ve actually chosen {my parents brought me a Fiat Panda for my 1st car, and Mr 29 has actively ensured I’ve always been well equipped in the car depatment- my favourite to date was my BMW 3 series in azure blue, but it was no good for my pram {I had to keep taking the wheel off it to put it in the boot}. I styled J-lo myself, with a cream interior and roof {she’s a convertible, not that she’s been topless much this year!} with a black body- gorgeous. Mr 29 chose the wheels. It was quite strange going from a big car to a go-kart, skate board, roller skate {I’ve heard them all!} but I LOVE her, and even the Things have finally accepted her! I obviously didn’t share with Mr 29 how traumatised I was after my first Tesco shop in J-Lo. I have since returned to on line grocery shopping and ‘top up’ as required!

In March/ April, 2 big events happened. We went to Orlando, Florida and “did” Disney. Infact I think, Disney “did” us as we came home a few grand less in the bank account! The boys really enjoyed Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The holiday was exhausting, a real boys adventure {no little girls to visit the Princesses!} with late nights and early starts, with too many roller coasters and not enough pool days for me, but I’m very pleased its been ticked off our ‘To Do List’.


And on return from Florida, Mr 29 turned 40! {This is when it may catch up with me that I’m not actually 29, but no one needs to know that, right?}. I organised a ‘surprise’ party {and he was!} purchased a new Calvin Klien frock, got drunk and walked home bare foot with our neighbours.

We {as a nation} had the Olympics, and were very lucky to see the bike race through our streets. I kept reminding the boys constantly that this was a once in a life time experience. They now keep using this phrase for everything they do. For example Thing 1 {who never tidys up} “I have just put the empty milk bottle in the bin- that is a once in a life time experience. I’m not doing it again.” I was very fortunate to get to meet Anna Watkins, a gold medalist in rowing who won with Katherine Grainger. Obviously I drank wine and became her new best friend!

Image (2)

September saw our eldest Son starting secondary school- how the hell did that happen? I suddenly felt as though I had to be ultra responsible and mature. I am neither. And so we sent him off, with a Superdry man bag {because everybody was getting one!} and a mahoosive blazer {to last} and we’ve hardly seen him since!

October was amazing. I went to New York with my girlfriends, 5 ladies causing madness in Manhatten for a 40th birthday. Prior to this I was a New York Virgin and cannot wait to go again! We caused chaos wherever went, tottering around in heels, drinking at all hours and reenacting Sex In The City moments!

Image (1)

And then we had Christmas {and a million germs were passed around, from me to you} which is magical in itself, despite all the stress and headache that comes with it!

Image (3)

Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year 2013


Yellow Days

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