December and Christmas illness

And so December is nearly over. It felt as though we were on count down for Christmas, as soon as The Things returned to school after the half term break.

So much has happened this month- it’s always the way in December, what with Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, exchanging presents, Christmas Tree ‘tree-offs’!, school plays and school fetes. And we have been ill for what feels like forever {and I know I’m very good at exaggerating, but seriously, at least one of us has been ill since December 1st! WTF?!}

The Norovirus arrived to the 29 year old household, early on in December, weeks before it became headline news {oh, to be fashionable!} and my 3 boys {1 x big 2x small} have all had coughs, colds and sore throats which have all lingered, and now the lurgie has landed on me.

I have been buying so many drugs, potions and liquids that I have had to empty out a kitchen cupboard to store them. It looks like a chemist! It has cost a fortune- thank goodness for Boots points!

I have been sleep deprived. It’s not good. My Children are big and stopped waking through the nights years and years ago. They have been coughing {the potions didn’t work} and I have been adjusting duvets and fluffing pillows at all hours of the night! Exhausting.

Mr 29 had man flu last week. I baked for him, prompted him to take his medication at the right time, made him lots of cups of tea and suprised myself how caring {at home} I could be {for a change!}. This week I have the lurgie. I cooked Christmas Lunch, entertained the In-Laws {who returned to Yorkshire yesterday} and dragged myself to work on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. My Thanks? When I finished in the bathroom last night, I discovered a black cross on our bedroom door. I reminded Mr 29 that it’s not the 17th century {or whenever the Black Death was!} and positioned myself in bed. Wonderful. Until my coughing fits at 2am and 4 am. Ooooops! I did feel slightly bad for him as it hurt my throat every time I coughed!

And I am not happy with myself, I have managed to pour Benylin cough mixture down my Michael Korrs bag, a recent NYC purchase. Gutted.

I hope you’re all keeping well!



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