It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas {finally!}

Well, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas now in the 29 year old household. We have had our decorations up for a week, but something was missing. Not that the Things would have noticed, they have been uber excited since sometime back in October. But for the first time, this season I can breathe. Inhale. Exhale. And start to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.

Presents have been purchased {although they need wrapping!} as Mr 29 and I went shopping for the last time today. I have completed my cards today, stamps have been stuck on the envelopes, and they are on the console table in the hallway{ ready to be posted tomorrow}. I am now starting a food list, but this will just be a prompting guide. We have 4 tins of celebrations after all- what else do we need?!

The Things have been watching Christmas themed movies, and I have {slowly} been tidying the spare room for the arrival of the In-Laws from T’up North. Mr 29 has been busying himself in our new kitchen/diner/family room to have it presentable {although not completed} for their arrival. Today, I have also been looking through our wine and have highlighted the crappier bottles the bottles I’m not keen on, for my Father-in-Law {sssshhhhh!}. Oh and Well done to Mr 29 who came home with a box of Oyster bay last night! He is on Santa’s nice list!

I am now wearing my get organised quickly head, as I only have 2 days off work before The In- Laws leave Yorkshire and travel South next Sunday. Mental Note to self “I must iron Boys’ P.J’s”. Oh, and I also have have an interview to squeeze in mid week *crosses fingers/ toes/ EVERYTHING* so nothing too stressful pre Christmas. But despite this, it feels good here. We have our Christmas albumn playing, twinkling lights inside and outside of the house, and the weather has warmed up slightly- the canal at the bottom of our road has thawed out for the first time this week!

And on that note, we are opening up a bottle of rioja.



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