My {at the moment} 5 Beauty Must Haves


These are not my top 5 beauty must haves, but are my ESSENTIALS for this time of year, and this why.

1) John Frieda Frizz Ease

This is vital to my hair to stop me looking like I have Gail Tilsley’s {from Corrie} hair.  I have the kinks in all the right places and consequently wake up with mahoosive hair EVERY morning! Therfore I NEED to straighten my hair and this product helps to protect it from my GHD’s.

2)  Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

This is an all year rounder, not just winter.  Clarins {I absolutely LOVE Clarins products} describes this cream as helping to lift and de-puff!  It is targeted to help minimise dark cirlces, frown lines and more importantly crows feet and wrinkles.  Mr 29 just calls it my anti-wrinkle cream.

3) Vaseline Rose Lips

A real essential.  I apply Vaseline to my lips constantly.  I have vaseline everywhere, kitchen drawers, bathroom cupboards, work bag and hand bag.  My lips get very dry this time of this year and by applying vaseline rose it adds a slight tinge of colour to your lips! MWAH!

4)  Palmers coco butter for hands

I hate my hands.  I am a nurse and have to wash my hands ALL THE TIME.   I  am beyond bored of reading in the press that nurses don’t wash their hands enough- they haven’t seen mine!  I would love to have perfectly manicured painted finger nails.  My hands give it away that I am not 29 {sshhh!}.  This size is perfect for bags and coat pockets.  I apply it before and after work, and at the start of break time.  In winter, I apply it to my hands, wear my gloves and  embrace the school run.

5) Clarins Instant Light Brush -On Perfector

This hides everything!  It conceals blemishes and eye shadows.  It’s oat sugars deliver an instant tightening.   Again this is another all year rounder-It’s worn every single day {except during a few weeks in summer when I don’t wear make up!}    It’s a miracle worker and definitely needed for the morning after parties!

I’m sorry I have 2 Clarins products in my Top 5 List {I could easily have 5!}.  I am a huge fan.  I was introduced to the products many, many years ago {I’ve lost count!} by Sister when she used to work for them {she is now a mama to 4, her eldest is 10 and she hasn’t worked since then!}.  My favourite product to date has to be the Anti- Eau Body Treatment Oil which I used  on both my baby bumps during pregnancy.  And It works- no stretch marks pour moi {Thank Goodness!}.  My Sister also used it on her 4 bumps as well!

What are your winter essentials?



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