Meme- Christmas

I have been tagged {my first time EVER!} by the lovely Jaime over at TheOliversMadhouse {AAAAHHHH- Sorry I don’t know how to link and I need to go to work!} to partcipate in a christmas Meme.

I have a love/hate affair with Christmas as I LOVE it but work commitments have always meant I have worked either all or part of it which makes me HATE it.

So here goes….

What is your favourite thing about Xmas?

I love that it’s dark and cold, and that we have the log burner on constatntly which makes the lounge really cosy and the perfect place to have a glass of red wine! I really love the fact that everybody makes an effort to see each other, it can be really difficult to organise a catch up all year round, but come December it’s busy, busy, busy. The Things get ultra excited. We have told Thing 1 that Santa doesn’t exist {something I have recently blogged about} but we are still looking forward to what Santa will deliver!

What’s your favourite make up look for the season?

Glitter. Everywhere. Can you overdo that look this time of year? No!

Real or Fake Tree?

REAL! Mr 29 and I come from families who have fake trees {and Santa still visited us when I was younger!} but we have ALWAYS {the last 14 years} had a real one. And they get bigger every year. This year we have reached 10ft. Mr 29 likes to take part {and win} the local ‘Tree Off’. It has become our little family tradition of wearing wellies and going to the christmas tree farm. I hope the boys will continue to this too.

Giving or receiving presents?

This is a quick answer. I would really like to say I’m a giver and pretend I’m selfless. But I’m not. I LOVE receiving presents especially surprises.

What is your favourite Xmas film?

Mary Poppins. It was just always on when I was younger. My boys aren’t interested in it unfortunately, so I watch it when I’m all alone.

What is your favourite Xmas food?

Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. My Mum makes the most amazing sausage meat stuffing. Whenever I go out on Xmas do’s I always order the Turkey dinner. We do not eat Turkey for 11 months of the year but consume a whole turkey farm every Decemeber!

I have no idea how to tag, but have really enjoyed doing this!  I will read up how to link so that I can actively take part next time as well.

Thank you!



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