It must be Saturday.

I LOVE weekends. FACT. I do think that when you work a shift pattern, you enjoy them even more. I know Mr 29 takes them for granted. Something that happens every 7 days.
But I LOVE weekends. I love our Saturdays. Yes, we’re busy ferrying the Things from club to club, party to party and friend to friend, but the first drop off doesn’t happen until 10 am!
10 am? That means I do not have to get out of bed until 0930- it is heaven.   And it was this morning, after date night {13 year anniversary celebrations/commiserations} last night with Mr
29 and the consumption of far too much prosecco.  Note to self {again} I do not drink bubbles.

And so, we have had a busy day at DIY stores, choosing paint. I’m not sure if I’ve moaned enough lately about the fact that I do not have a kitchen? I have a room with a sink and a free standing oven with no hope of a new one being fitted before Christmas. But that’s fine, we have a 40 year old camper van and if I can cook on a camping stove I am sure I can manage a Christmas dinner in a room with a sink and oven.

Mr 29 has cleared all of his tools {or toys} away this afternoon and I now have a corner for our Christmas tree- which we will get tomorrow from the local Christmas Tree Farm. Ready for Mr 29 to participate in the annual ‘Tree Off’.  We usually win . Mr 29 is very competitive in this sport.

We can now also access our kitchen table- it no longer resembles Mr 29’s work bench, and tonight we will sit around it and have a take away {It’s a weekend, I can’t cook!} and watch the X Factor final. I have absolutely no idea when we became so ultra cool.  And would like to deny all knowledge of this fact.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I love Sundays. I love weekends- did I mention that already?!  We have a paper delivered on a Sunday {the only day we actually buy a paper!}. We will then go and choose our tree and I will  we will decorate it, as a family.  Followed by taking lots of photos and sending them to the ‘Tree Off’ participants {the Mr’s of the families} to declare war.



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