Decisions to be made..

I have been unsettled at work recently.  I am a nurse, and as you’re probably all aware the NHS is continually changing.  The biggest problem is that I love my job.  It drives my husband crazy with how committed I am to my job.  I can be on my deathbed {with the Vicar on stand by} but I will still manage to get up at stupid 0’clock the next morning and go to work {why does the early shift have to start soooo early?!}.

I have been nearly full time {I am short 4 hours a week to be termed full time}, although I never leave a shift on time {and never get paid for it, which annoys Mr 29- but that’s a different story}, for the last 3.5 years since we returned from Australia.  Prior to this, after the Things were born, I only worked 2 shifts a week.  Mr 29 had the Things one day at the weekend and a childminder had them one day during the week.

I joined a gym-  I went 4 times a week, I got down to 48kgs and my BMI was classed as underweight.  I had my share of coffee mornings, lunches and shopping trips.  The house was immaculate and there was always food in the house.  I enjoyed it.  Mr 29 loved it.

But then we emigrated to Australia, and I didn’t work.  And so, on our return to the UK,  I was desperate to work and to progress in my career. Both Things were in full time school.  I became a Nursing Sister.  And here we are today.

I am now not liking shift work, which I always enjoyed.  You get to avoid the crowds in Tesco {when I can be bothered to go} and the local shopping mall and still be involved in the school runs.  You avoid traffic to get to work.  However, Mr 29 works a very convenient Monday- Friday and has weekends off.  At times it feels like we never have family times any more.  The house always a mess and I keep forgetting to do an online Tesco order until it’s too late and cannot get a delivery slot when I’m at home.

And so my decision.  This week I have been offered a secondment into a Monday-Friday role {cheers, brilliant, fantastic}.  However, I have also been invited to a interview to do the job that I’m doing now in another hospital, a job that I was interested in a year ago but there wasn’t a vacancy.  This job will still continue to have shift work  and impact our family time.

Decisions, decisions….





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