“Convenient” Food….

In the 29 Household, we eat food ‘cooked away from home’ ALOT.  When I say food ‘cooked away from home’ I am describing a take-away {any variety in a plastic, foil or cardboard container will suffice}  or the physical act of going to a restaurant {including the local Harvester which we do EVERY Wednesday!- well I have worked 3 days in a row by then!}

This isn’t beacuse I can’t cook because I can.  In fact I am quite the Nigella in my kitchen {minus hair flicking and finger licking!}.  It’s because I can’t be bothered, am too lazy, don’t have the time to prepare for our evening meal.  I know I’m not the only working Mama on here, but work does get in the way.  Agree?  My new year resolution is to be more organised and meal plan {I have a good month to enjoy food ‘cooked away from home’ in the mean time though, right?!}.

At the moment we are eating food ‘cooked away from home’ more than usual.  The reason?  I have NO kitchen.  Seriously. I am not exaggerating {and I do all the time!}.  I am having 3 rooms combined into a kitchen dinner, family room and downstairs loo and it is a huge job.  Work has stopped. Completely.  Mr 29 is injured {whilst fitting the new loo window} and I am having to wash up in the bathroom and make cups of tea in the hall way.  The Things are even asking for my cooking- Thing 1 is wanting {and I use this word because he wants all the time} my home made meatballs and spaghetti and Thing 2 keeps asking for a Sunday Dinner {we’re not posh enough to call it a roast!} with all the trimmings.

Tonight, courtesy of Tesco Collect and Go we are having a chinese in a box {never tried it before} and tomorrow Pub Grub.  And Wine- well it has been a busy week in the kitchen!



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