Little Boys Grow Up…..

I LOVE Thing 1 sooooo much.  I am always overwhelmed by how much you can love your child.  My heart can stop beating and I catch my breath quite often just thinking about how much love I have for this boy {and Thing 2, obviously}.  I am able to judge his moods so easily- it really is like reading a book.  He’s very similar to me how he looks {skin, hair and eyes} and shows my husband’s traits- he’s funny, quick witted and never sleeps!

Over the past week I have concluded that I don’t LIKE him. Controversial!  Can a mother say that? Am I going to be frowned upon? Disowned by my friends?- well no, not my friends, but the playground mafia probably!  I feel horrible saying it because he really is a nice boy- he’s polite, curteous and helpful {to everybody else it would seem at the moment!}.

He started secondary school a few months ago as a lovely boy and has turned into a pre pubescent monster.  We have full on mood swings, answering back, constant muttering, stomping feet, raising eyes to heaven- the list really is endless.  Oh, and he never wants to be here, it’s much more fun you see to go to Friend A’s house on a Monday, Friend B’s house on a Tuesday etc.

Friends with older boys have told me it will get worse until “something happens”.  I have no idea what this “something is”!  I’m also told GIRLS will be on the scene soon.  He is a very  handsome boy {he has olive skin, blonde hair and dark brown eyes} and I’m not being a biased mother because Thing 2 is ugly not as handsome as his older and much more confident brother but has an amazing personality {not pre pubescent at all at 8 years old!} and the most fabulous freckles.

So, is this it? Am I now redundant as his Mama?

Minus of course when he needs to be dropped off/ collected, money or another want.

V x


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