New Boots or These Old Things?!

It is Day 3 of wearing a new pair of boots and Mr 29 hasn’t noticed.

He has not even questioned why I am wearing shoes “upstairs” {where it’s carpeted and where I loudly make known my concerns if ANYONE wears outside shoes!}. I have worn them all day and even Thing 2 who notices change in anything hasn’t even stated the obvious.  I had them on yesterday and was doing a full leg and foot swing infront of him for 4 hours whilst we were in A&E .  And still nothing.

Mr 29 usually acknowledges a new buy with “beautiful”, “that’s nice”, “you look nice”, “I like that” , yada yada yada, catch my drift?  He doesn’t raise his eyebrows that I have been shopping and purchased.  We have one bank account with both our names on it, we both work, we both like new things.

Is it a bad or good thing that he hasn’t noticed?  I am undecided.

Call me old fashioned, but I like it when Mr 29 compliments me and that he likes how I look.  If I were to persue the issue, I am sure he would almost certainly say “They’re black boots, you have lots of black boots.”  And yes I do.  But these are NEW black leather and suede biker boots with a silver buckle.  I DIDN’T have a pair of these before.

But there are positives for Mr 29 not noticing my new boots {and denting my wifey self esteem on the way}.  Should he ever ask about my new boots, I shall reply “These old things? No I had them last year” because in the shop next to the pair of boots I brought home with me, were another pair of black boots, and these may need to be purchased {for this year!}.

V x


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