He’s Home! *jumpsforjoy*

Mr 29 has returned home.  Hooray!  I was a single Mama for 48 hours while he visited his Ma and Pa T’up North, and I am now exhausted.  Hats off to all you Ladies who do this 24/7.

I am sleep deprived, for although I was minus a husband in my bed, I was joined by Thing 2 {our sensitive 8 year old} who missed Dad and wanted to sleep on “his” side.  We were joined by our obese brown labrador { who can only dream of sleeping on the bed while Mr 29 is here} and our miniature poodle{who we have lately tried to discourage sleeping on the bed due to the onset of doggy dementia}.  All 3 family members snore.  Loudly.  And fidget.  All night.  I am never not going to moan about about Mr 29’s snoring again for a while {at least}.

I was aware of my lack of a good night sleep during the days when I realised I had to be even more responsible {me?!} for the boys.  I had to drop off and collect them from various clubs, parties and friends houses {hello Mama’s Cabs!}, and ensure my mobile phone was actually switched on so as to be contacted incase of an emergency {gasp I hear my friends say}.  You see, Mr 29 is the primary source of contact for all of us, as due to work commitments his phone is attached to his hand CONSTANTLY.  I am convinced by the time he retires he will have an imprint on the palm of his hand.

After stressful days, Slummy Mummy took over childcare, and ordered pizza take out on the first night and curry take away on the second night.  Thing 1 said Slummy Mummy was a really cool Mum.  Both meals were obviously consumed with vino {for me not the boys I must stress!}.

But, alas, Mr  29 has returned home and my clock watching days are over.  I no longer have have to think about the logisitics of getting from A to B via C all within a set time.  I may even cook tonight.  And breathe.



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