Hello World!

It’s dramatic, isn’t it, the title for this post? {I cannot take credit for it; WordPress promoted it!}.  I can hear Mr 29 sniggering already.  Not because he’s an ogre, he’s very supportive, in EVERYTHING I do, but because, I want to BLOG and therefore have to admit  I am pants at anything to do with computers.  That is other than Facebook and Twitter, I can manage those very well {although I am still new to tweeting}.  Oh, and Mr 29 says I can internet shop, I am VERY good at that he informs me.

But despite my lack of knowledge in the IT world- the 8 computers at our school were mahoosive and CD ROMs were all the range back then- I am totes excited about starting this.  I am a Virgin Blogger *screamswithexcitement*,  I have so much to say and share {I am convinced it’s because I’m the only girl in the 29 Household- how I wish for a girl -I did, twice, and failed, and now cannot possibly risk anymore testosterone levels in this house!} and I shall do that on here; 29yearoldmama .



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