Good Friday round up and Easter Wishes



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Our 4 day weekend has started.  And I’m exhausted already! 

Today we went tent shopping.  We are camping in a France over the summer, without Stamford the Bus and therefore a new tent big enough to house us all is essential.

We viewed and tried tent, after tent.  And found our new ‘holiday home’!

Yes, Mr 29 totally got his own way, and we are entering the new air beam generation of campers.  With a pitch time of 5-10 minutes {or so the salesman said!} we were sold! 

We had fish and chips for dinner.  Nom, nom, nom.

We are going out for dinner tomorrow night with my parents.

Egg hunting on Sunday.  Followed by chocolate eating.

Wishing you a Happy Easter a Weekend! 


Fake Spring Cleaning

It seems that spring cleaning has not been a priority for my friend, Sarah,  and I this season.

Whilst sat at the park, enjoying the sunny rays, watching the Things  play, make plans and run wild, we concluded that our houses are a bit of a mess slightly untidy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore a tidy house.  I can’t sit down and relax knowing that a pair of shoes have not been put away.  Or a drawer has been left open.  Or a cup has not been put in the dishwasher.  However, I am all for fake cleaning.

And the beauty of fake cleaning?

It takes hardly any time!

Concentrate on the main area.  In simple terms- what people actually see.

For  me, this is the hall way.


The stairs usually have items of clothing and other bits and bobs that need to be moved upstairs.  I am the only person in this house which can see the stairs with objects to be moved, and also the only person in the house that can physically carry said items upstairs.

The second area I like to keep tidy is the kitchen/diner/snug.  This is where we live and entertain. So this room is constantly ‘fake’ cleaned.


By moving everyday crap stuff off surfaces- it gives the appearance of a tidy house.   The dishwasher is the best friend of any fake cleaner.


The kitchen table should be cleared- again giving the perception of a tidy house.  Can you see my sofa? Fluffing the pillows makes all the difference, non?!


Here are mine and Sarah’s top 10 tips for fake cleaning your home.

1* Open the blinds/ curtains.  Those people walking outside, will not know you’re fake cleaning inside when from the outside it looks tidy!

2* Open a window/ light a candle.  Heck spray the polish if you choose.  You’ve been cleaning, right?!

3* Put bleach down the loo.  If you’re feeling keen, use a disposable throw away wipe  {eekkk sorry Eco housewives!} and give the sink a once over

3* Unload the dishwasher and load the clutter {last nights wine glasses} on the kitchen sides. Instantly tidy.

4* Bleach the kitchen sink

5* Go around the house with a carrier bag/ plastic bin/ whatever you have and pick up rubbish.  You will find some!

6* Empty the bins.  I mean we have a gazillion, right? Recycling, food and general waste

7 *Make beds.  That’s all you have to do in a bedroom. Fact.

8* Pick up the dirty washing.  You know that dirty laundry wicker basket in my bathroom designed for this purpose?! Neither do The Things.  Or Mr 29.

9* Close doors.  Whether you have a spare room full of clutter *coughs* .  Or a kitchen cupboard you dare not open.  Or a drawer of a unit so full you struggle to open and shut it.  Don’t worry- these can all be sorted.  Another day! You only have to see what you want to.

10* Hoover.  If you want to.  This is compulsory for me as we have a dog. We have wooden floors all downstairs, and sometimes I prefer a quick sweep up instead of lugging the dyson  around.


Perfect fake cleaning ; )

Do you have any other suggestions?


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Back to the ’90s

A catch up with friends, whilst drinking wine, ended up in a “Do you remember….” session.

As you do when reminiscing about the past.  Twenty years ago isn’t that long ago.  Is it?!

The 1990′s were pretty magical for me, I had already started secondary school when the decade turned.  I went on to college to study my A-Levels whilst cursing Wednesday night ‘student night’ and cheap booze which was followed by 2 hours of English Literature on a Thursday morning.  I graduated University.  And got married.  All in the 90s!


* Dungarees were fashionable. In any colour. My sister had a purple pair.  Amaze.

* Naf Naf clothes. My personal favourite was a pair of cycling shorts. Circa 1991.  Totally rocked that all over print.

* Naf Naf – Everything else. Even down to stationary. Addicted much?!

* High waisted white jeans – in the style of Louise in the naked video

* Kickers were compulsory footwear

* As were Wallerbees

* Benetton duffle bags

* Ant and Dec were only known as PJ and Duncan

* Hollyoaks from the beginning {wow nearly 20 years ago? Really?!}

* Saturday Tea Times were for Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90120

* Reading Just Seventeen magazine

* Progressing to More! *sniggers at position of the fortnight*

* Suffering what felt like FOREVER when Bryan Adams was No.1 in the charts.

* And Celine Dion. I did NOT think twice and purchased that blasted song on cassette {from Woolworths}

* Paper provisional/ driving licences- ideal for ID {totes used to borrow my big sisters}

* Oasis and Blur

* And not forgetting The Spice Girls- was that 1996?!

* Drinking Hooch

* Followed by Vodka and Redbull

* Our Price vouchers for Christmas from your Aunt and Uncle

* Having to actually record {as in on a VCR} Friends, because it was showed on a Friday night.  And you needed to know what was going down with Rachel and Ross!

* Take That -The first time round {First TT concert was November 1992, pour moi}

* Making arrangements with friends on the house phone. And speaking to your friends Mum/Dad/great nan or whoever answered the phone. Ring ring.

* The introduction of mobile phones for everyone. Flip downs, aerials and batteries. We have progressed some!

* Gameboy.  Tetris.  ‘Nuff said.  Still addicted today and have it on the I phone and I pad

* Tamagotchi – my chick {is that what it was?!} never lived past day 3

* The teletubies- watching post hangover- this was created for adults, non?!

* As for movies.  Speed.  A few good men.  The bodyguard.  Pretty woman

What have I forgotten?! Please tell me and add your own memories!


You’re a Lucky Girl

This is what Mr 29 has told me, on a daily basis, since 1997. 

He writes it in my Valentines and birthday cards.

“Meh!” I usually reply.

Lucky? Really?

The dude abandons his shoes and coat wherever he takes them off.

I came downstairs the other morning to find spare tyres for his bike. On the kitchen table.

He never fills the kettle up.

And, just like me, he’s not 29.

Today he is celebrating his 42nd birthday.


Despite the above bad points, I overall like living with this husband of mine.  And yes, dear, I am a lucky girl!

He’s a pretty awesome man, and I’m still totes head over heels in lurve with him.

He’s not a romantic, but is swoon-worthy in his own way.  He has become more sentimental and has become more tolerant of my ‘cheesy’ music, and in turn I have become more cool headed and gained more patience. We’re a good team.

He is very positive and can see logic and rational to every situation that arises.


He makes me laugh every single day.  He is legendary for his {sarcastic} sense of humor in these parts, don’t you know?! Many have become a victim to his comedy!

On our Wedding Day, he didn’t greet me with a whispered “you look beautiful” instead, he leaned into my ear and asked “Why do you have glass in your hair?!”.

It was a diamond tiara!

And DANG.  The man is as hot as the day I met him.  Just a little more distinguished, courtesy of his grey hair.

Happy Birthday, Mr 29.


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20 Things I’m Loving 💕

💕 Tulips

💕And Daffodils

💕 Weddings


💕Early morning spring chills

💕Sunny afternoons

💕No coats {sometimes!}

💕Fake Tan


💕And supportive friends

💕Cream Soda

💕 Mother’s Day Lovin’

💕Bike Rides

💕Paper Straws

💕Pipe Dreams

💕Birthday Planning {Mr 29′s}

💕40th Birthday Parties

💕New Dresses

💕Candles {late to the party but I LOVE them now!}

💕Solar powered garden lights


Mama’s Day and Campervans


I had an amazing but exhausting Mother’s Day weekend. The boys brought me an Emma Bridgewater ‘Mum’ mug.  As they do every year.  I LOVE predictability. Imagine if they started buying me a Susie Watson mug- that would confuzzle me!


We spent the whole weekend at Sandown Race Course in Esher, as it was the Volksworld Show. Dedication, huh?! Sacrificing ‘my’ day for Mr 29 and The Things.  Ssshhh, don’t tell them that I really enjoyed it.  As you know, we do love a Vdub in the 29 year old household. The sun was shining {it was freezing and snowed at the same event last year!}, we ate hog roast baguettes and ice cream.


I have spent a fortune, in my head, for everything  Stamford needs, for although he is a handsome chap on the outside, at 43 years young he needs some more updating.  We noticed this winter {actually we knew last winter, but crossed our fingers to get last summer out of him!}, that his roof needs renovating and this is first on the ‘to do list’.

A trip to Devon is on the cards for a new roof.  We have found the perfect blue to match his colour. I will keep you posted on his update!

I hope you all had a fabulous day too!


Mother’s Day Mirror- My 1st years review.

Mr  29 says everyday is Mother’s Day in our house.  Just as every February, he says everyday is Valentine’s day.  It’s not.  Really.

However, those big hearted souls at ‘My 1st Years’, truly do appreciate us Mamas and have kindly sent me this beautiful silver-plated compact mirror, from their Gifts for Mum range.  Go on have a look, I expect you to totally fall in love with everything.

Warning: Your ovaries may explode if you peruse the baby gifts for too long.

My 1st years is an online store, founded in 2010, specialising in unique personalised gifts for baby boys and girls, Mums and Dads.


Silver-plated compact mirror

I wanted a ‘classy’ mirror to match my posh evening bags.  And how much more classier does a compact mirror get with your own name on it?!

I had been using a school made {by Thing 2} pocket mirror, but the mirror is not the greatest, it has scratched easily and is not ideal for touching up make up on a night out.

The mirror itself is a great size, and surprising compact.  It fits easily into my small evening bags and is much lighter than I expected.  And ideal for eyebrow plucking!


All I need to know now, is how appropriate is it to sit at a restaurant table and reapply my lip gloss,  just to show off my mirror?! ; )

Happy Mothers Day to all you super special Mamas!


Disclosure: I was sent this gorgeous mirror by My 1st Years in exchange for this review. All views are mine.