Just me and my Saltwaters

I have wanted a pair since Spring but I was waiting for the weather to warm up.  I blogged about my most wanted summer shoes here.  You will notice from this previous post I had wanted five pairs of shoes.  Not now.  No Siree.


I have a pair of Saltwater sandals and I have lived in them.  I even have Saltwater tan lines.  I have been properly branded.

I took the plunge and ordered a pair of these classic old school sandals, after peer pressure from Instagram.  How could I have these ladies in my IG feed and not join in?


 Rachel’s Saltwater cladded feet.


 Julia’s lush yellow pair.

It’s easy to ignore the comments that some folks may say to you whilst you’re wearing your sandals.  Comments such as, you look like one of the disciples, or asking if you’re 12 years old, are quickly forgotten because they are super comfy and versatile.  I have worn mine with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses.  I may even order a red pair.

Here’s some science: they are durable enough to withstand saltwater <<hence their name!

What are you wearing on your feet this Summer?


Shades Needed

I have now lost 2 pairs of sunglasses in 4 weeks.

 The first pair are somewhere in Brighton.  Having enjoyed a fish and chip takeaway on the pebbles, I insisted on throwing a strop until Mr 29 handed his Oakleys over.  Personally, I’m thinking Mr 29 lost them on purpose as he wasn’t a fan of my D&G’s and called me ‘fly eyes’.

The second pair were left in a carriage on a South West train from Waterloo to Alton, via my station in Surrey.  Whilst ensuring I picked up all  the free crap given to me at Brit Mums Live, I left behind my Armani aviators. Opps.

Therefore new glasses are needed.  And quickly.  But I am undecided.

Here are four pairs which are jumping out of my ipad  at me.


One    Two    Three    Four

I am undecided between pairs one and four.

Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, Mr 29 can continue to squint whilst I’ve kidnapped his pair again!

On a brighter note, I left my shades on the train, but I have a Butlins lipgloss ; )


My First Ever #BritMumsLive Round Up

Arriving at Waterloo, I felt thoroughly underdressed as I was greeted by a huge crowd of Ascot goers- Suits and fascinators surrounded me.   This was not helping my nerves of meeting strangers.  A feeling I am not used to.  You see, I am a very confident person generally and I speak and meet strangers every single day at work.  I did confess to a colleague how worried I was- What if all these women were actually axe welding murderers who hid behind a mummy persona?!


I attended the conference on the basis that I wanted to get as much information as I could to improve my blog, and to meet some ‘virtual’ friends.

I had arranged to meet up with Anne of The Gingerbread Mum.  She proved to be the bestest meet up and hang out buddy.  Proving her worth completely by walking to KFC at midnight with me.  Oh for love of a zinger burger.

We were joined by Diana who I had not come across on my social media.  I am now utterly inspired by her colour challenge on Instagram. Maybe I will become crafty after all as she makes it looks so easy.  I spent nearly all of my sessions with Becca A.K.A London’s Mrs Jones of Keeping Up With The Joneses.  She is just the loveliest sweet heart ever and her love of nail varnish makes me wish I had beautiful nails too!

I finallllllllly got to meet and spend time {at the pub, obvs} with Katy of Modern Mummy.  It was in fact this lovely lady who inspired me to blog.  We both share a ‘non blogging’ mutual friend.  She did not disappoint and was everything I thought she would be.

I was able to spend a short time with Sara who had travelled to the conference from the USofA.  I have really enjoyed reading her blog about living abroard, and watching her blog blossom.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend as much time as I had wanted with Rachel.  We share a love of shoes and tea, and are both mamas to 2 boys. I really enjoy reading her blog Three Years & Home.  She is quite possibly my favourite person in the world.  We will definitely meet up in the future.

I attended a session for every period. Geez, what a geek. Actually, I’ll own up, I was drinking tea and eating fruit toast in Starbucks on Saturday morning.  It appears there was a bug or something going around the Travelodge.  I really enjoyed the Pinterest session and want to delete my boards and start over.  I found Marte Marie Forsberg truly captivating throughout her Instagram talk.  I have a better understanding of Google +, although I am still slightly overwhelmed by it I have started to play with my account.  Who knew?!

I have made a list of ‘things to do’ and slowly I will be making my way through it.  I am totally inspired and in hindsight should have taken today off work so I could make a start.  Also because I am just so freakin tired.

I was so exhausted when I arrived home on Saturday night that I did not even notice the state of the house or the pee on the toilet seat.  Until it was too late.  My tiara is clearly not recognised in these parts.


Happy Father’s Day

I forgot it was Fathers Day this weekend.  But, hey, don’t judge me.  You see there’s this thing called the World Cup going on at the moment, and Tesco insisted on reminding me about this with balls and banners everywhere.  I don’t recall much mention about a Father’s Day happening anytime soon, so it’s not my fault if Tesco’s PR failed, right?!


I’ve posted previously about Mr 29 as a Daddy here.

But this is a post about MY Dad and 5 things he has imprinted on me.

1} Not to drink a pint of beer.  If beer is desired,  2 half pints are to be ordered. Fortunately I’m not a huge beer drinker, and if I do fancy one, Mr 29 doesn’t mind me drinking from the bottle ; )

2} Cleaning the bath.  I do feel sorry that he had to live with two teenage daughters. He didn’t object to many things but those oily bath balls {do they still exist?} were not his favourite.   He was not a fan of having a bath after my sister and I  had a body shop oil fuelled bath.  I have super duper cif and sponge skills as a result!

3} Hall and Oates, Don Henley, Pink Floyd.  Just a few of the greats that I still listen to on todays ‘modern’ technology. My Dad still has these dudes on vinyl! They are my saving grace when Mr 29 mocks me for liking cheesy pop.

4}  Tea is an essential part to the start and end of the day.  I am a tea-a-holic and take after my Dad.

5} Chocolate.  My Dad should have shares in Cadbury.  Consequently there has always been chocolate at my parents house.  This was the perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea, when coming home clubbing at stupid o’clock.

Happy Fathers Day.


You know it’s Summer when….

Once again, we have a few sunny days ahead of us- hurrah!

We are a nation who happily accept we are obsessed with weather.


You know Summer has arrived in Surrey {and the rest of the UK,  I expect too} when:

1.  All the recent rain and cold spells will be forgotten for one day. You WILL say any one of the following: Isn’t it lovely today? It’s so warm today. I love days like today.

2.  Hay fever is a Bitch.  Does anyone else feel it gets worse every year?  Welcome to Summer.

3.  You’ll get up, shower and shave your legs.  Of course you showered yesterday but wore jeans so there was no urgency to shave, right?!

4.  There is only a small amount of sunscreen leftover from last Summer.  And this expired the year before.

5. You can never find fresh mint in the local co op for your pimms.  You refuse to drive to the huge supermarket.  But do.  And vow you must grow your own.  But then it rains and you’re back to drinking wine, and the fresh mint is forgotten.

6. A 45 minute car journey to Brighton takes one and a half hours.  Because the WHOLE of the South East are on route to the coast too

7. You hear the ice cream van, and raid the kid’s money boxes for change.  And then moan that a small oyster now costs £2.50.  WTF? How and when did this happen?

8.  On a day out you wear your bikini under your dress.  Just in case.

9.  On a day out you pack a rain mac and an umbrella.  Just in case.

10. Washing left on the washing line smells of sausages and charcoal.

11. You eat every meal outside.  Breakfast, lunch AND dinner are consumed on the patio.

12. You wash the car.

13. The kids refuse to drink.  Unless it’s a melted ice pop.

14. You continue to drink tea.  Because it’s British summertime.  And there is science that a hot drink does cool you down.

15. You can’t find the sandals you brought in the sale last Autumn.  So you wear converse, without socks, and get blisters!

What would you add?


It’s official. We have a teenager.

Dear Thing 1,


I cannot not believe you are thirteen.  I really cannot believe it.  You have been waiting forever to be a teenager.  You used to see the boys from the secondary school when we walked home from junior school, and you stopped holding my hand as they passed us.  You looked at them in their blazers and said you couldn’t wait to go that school.  Now?  Not so much.

But, wow, you’re  thirteen.  Teen, there it is.  That word that will be used to describe you for the next seven years,  because you know 20 is really pronounced twenteen. Perhaps it’s my fault you’ve aged so quickly.  I admit to being guilty for not sitting back and enjoying the moment.  You see, I could not wait for all your first milestones.  When you started to crawl, I couldn’t wait for you to walk.  When you went to nursery, I was excited for you to go to school.  And now? Well you are the local hobo.  We never see you.  You’re at various friends houses, sports clubs and generally just the boy about town.

And this makes me sad because I did enjoy your brother’s time a lot more.  Not because I love him more, but I appreciated I would not be having any more babies.  I even enjoyed the night feeds second time round.   Why didn’t I with you? Why didn’t I let you stay up longer instead of sticking to a tight bedtime routine? Why didn’t I hold you more closely to me when I fed you, instead of wedging a bottle on a pillow?  Why didn’t I forgo a tidy house and let you play with the playdough and paint? These are all memories and time I have lost with you.  And that is why I am sad.

But I am happy for you.  You make me happy.  I am happy today.  Really.  I know we clash.  Dad says we’re too similar.  Although with your quick wit and sarcasm, I would say you’re very much like him! Please do not think I am struggling to love you.  I do, and always will.  I am struggling with your independence and that you’re growing up. You see, you’re changing and our roles as parents are changing.  You are no longer dependent on us, unless you run out of money, and we are more like ‘advisors’ nowadays.  Not that you listen to what we say.

You are our eldest son and although your shoe size is double mine, and you tower over me and I often have to ask you to grab items for me that are out of my reach, in my eyes you will always be that 6 pound 7 ounce baby.  You make us proud.  Our friends and complete strangers often comment on your manners; a simple thank you, how are you? or holding a door open goes noticed, so here I am, thanking you.

Happy Birthday, Dude.

I love you.


The one where we stay at home {for the day}

Don’t you just love lazy summer Sundays?!

It doesn’t happen very often but today we stayed at home. Mr 29 likes us to go out at the weekends. But after a late night being out and watching the ‘Big Fight’ {I am not one to gloat, but I was on the winning side!},  we woke up gone 9 o’clock this morning and promptly plonked ourselves in the garden. We are still here.

We have been drinking out of these super summery glasses from Tesco.  I may have brought a dozen.


Paper straw obsession, much?! 

The boys have been outside all day playing football. No doubt, they have annoyed the neighbours.  They have a wonderful knack of kicking that bloody ball over the fences, and into the surrounding gardens.  It always seems to end up in the DINKY’s backyard.  Double Income No Kids Yet?! Probably, I should think, no kids ever.  That is if they listen to me and all my constant shouting at The Things.  I have mastered the fishmongers wife voice perfectly, don’t you know?!  Just keeping it real in middle class Surrey ; )

And the best thing about being at home?! Is not having to use the straighteners for a day and having BIG hair!


Big Hair Mama! 

I hope you all got to enjoy some sunshine this weekend.  Have a great week!



10 things Motherhood has taught me

I am in complete and utter denial that in less than a week, Thing 1 turns into an official teenager. As opposed to the hideous ogre who’s been living with us since he started Year 7. He will be 13 years old.

Shut the front door. He can’t be. No way. I don’t want to believe it.

Let me share with you some wisdom I have learnt over the last thirteen years.  You’re welcome.

1} Things don’t always work out as planned. And that’s ok. For example,  I had every intention of demanding asking for an epidural. It was in my pregnancy notes. I had spoken at length with the Acute Pain Service Specialist Nurse, whilst at work ensuring this was what I definitely wanted. I ended up delivering with just paracetamol. That’s impressive, non?! And that isn’t to make you feel bad because you wanted a natural child birth and ended up having an epidural.  The most important job is to get you both home safely, and if the goal posts have to move to allow this, then that’s just fine.

2} Breast or Bottle fed babies both grow up into healthy adults. I ‘tried’ to breast feed Thing 1 for 3 whole days and nights. And then my milk ‘came in’, and it hurt. A lot. Whilst hanging over the bath, with my udders knockers going at it like a pair of out of control garden hoses, I made the decision I couldn’t do it anymore.  See point 1. Consequently, Thing 2 never even got a glimpse of my boobs.

3} There is such a thing as a judgemental mother. She survives on pure competition and gloats about everything she’s doing that you’re not. See point 2. You may meet her in baby groups, or the school playground. She’s a Bitch.

4} There are non-bitch mothers. I am so lucky to be best friends with a ‘mother’ I met when our eldest boys were 4 weeks old. We went to post natal class and baby massage back then. Now we don our heels and skinny jeans and rock up for a night of pinot. Our boys had a joint 10th birthday disco party. We had a champagne lunch to celebrate our 10 years of friendship. If you find a mummy friend like this, hold on to her : )

5} Children get sick during the night. Because, heck, they just do. And will.

6} Cliches are true
EVERYBODY wants to pass on ‘their’ wisdom to you *coughs- obviously not me!* You may nod in agreement, but are probably screaming NO, NEVER, Not on your nelly in your head. But, sometimes ‘they’re’ right.

Examples are;

*Time flies
*They do grow up too quick
*Kids say the funniest things

7} Avoid the colour white. On you and the kids. Towels and bedding. Walls. Everything.
This is too obvious, really. I wore it on my a Wedding day, not realising that was probably going to be the last time.

8} You will get used to drinking cold tea and coffee. You may actually start to enjoy it.

9} You will turn into your parents. You will have to give up your evenings and weekends to drive the kids around. You will threaten to send them to bed without dinner {but won’t, because you’ve spent hours preparing it ; ) } and you will threaten to turn the car around whilst on the outward journey {but won’t because it means you will miss out on a fun day too}.

10} A main meal can be substituted with cereal. Sometimes, you’ve had a huge lunch, have been out all day or quite simply, just can’t be arsed to cook. And on these occasions, cereal for dinner is perfectly acceptable.

Am I doing it right?
I have NO idea. The Things are happy.
That’s good enough for me!

What would you add to this list?


Style Challenge; Kendra Thornton in NYC

I was recently contacted by travel expert, Kendra Thornton (featured on shows such as, Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus), who asked if I’d like to participate in her upcoming “Kendra’s Night Out Challenge” in NYC.  A night out in NYC you say?! Hell yeah.  I’ve been on nights out in NYC, and I loved it!

Kendra sent these details over, explaining her night out in New York City.  Jealous, much?!

Kendra Fashion New York

As Kendra’s Fashion Challenge rolls out, I’m looking for the perfect outfit to wear for an evening of wine and fine dining at The Standard High Line Hotel in New York City. NYC has many classic locations, but with its downtown views and its touch of lower-Manhattan hipness, the High Line is going to be a place right out of a dream of what New York can be. In fact, with the right outfit, I’m sure the evening will be perfectly magical. New York City is a place that has always captivated my imagination, and I’m hoping that the peak of my trip there will create memories to treasure. With its beautifully angular modern construction and skyline views, the Standard High Line will certainly be a place to see and be seen, and I’m sure it will live up to my expectations.

Looking at all the various menus available at the High Line, I’m struck by the many choices I’ll have to make my evening perfect. A site of classic American elegance, the Standard Grill has certainly piqued my interest. With its otherworldly bar and grill look, wonderful seafood created with a touch of Italian fine-dining in mind, the Standard Grill seems to set the tone with old world charm, and I’m certainly enthusiastic about the late-night menu (oysters and champagne sound lovely!). The Grill seems like the type of place you’d have once found Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn having a great meal. Then again, this is New York, and I’d love to get some nighttime city views in while I’m here. With its small plates, excellent drinks, and gorgeous city views, the Top of the Standard looks like a great opportunity to grab a cocktail, take in the scenery, and listen to a top jazz band. For a more high-tempo experience, I’m tempted to make a stop by Le Bain, the hotel’s discotheque and official dance spot, to hear a few world-class DJs and really allow myself to fall in love with the city’s kinetic pace. To say that I’m excited to show off my outfit on a classic New York night, with dancing and a sophisticated atmosphere, is an understatement: I’m absolutely thrilled.

As a classic American metropolis, New York City has charms like no other place. With help creating an itinerary with the experts of Gogobot, planning my dream trip was stress-free and dreamlike. Whether you’re taking in a Broadway show, sampling the nightlife, or booking a spot at a luxurious hotel in New York, having the right outfit can make your trip perfect.

This is my chosen outfit.

Kendra Thornton's NYC Style Challenge

1// Zara Playsuit 2// Topshop Blazer 3// Mulberry Bracelet 4// Coach Clutch 5// Loeffler Randal Sandal

Did you read what she wants to do in one night?! As tempting as it was to find a dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn, realistically Kendra needs an adaptable outfit for the evening events.  And well, I’m also just a little bit in love with playsuits at the moment.  They are effortlessly easy to wear and transitional enough when going from place to place.  The blazer is a wardrobe staple and offers a sophisticated look for the start of the evening, ready to be whipped off when dancing the night away!  The cuff bracelet compliments the top bar of the sandals.

I am so jealous Kendra that you are off to the big apple.  I know you’ll have an amazing time.  As Mamas we all need some Big Girl Time.  If you find my heart there, don’t worry about sending it to me- hopefully I’ll be back soon enough!